Dragon Ball FighterZ Nude Mod for Android 21

Yummy tits and juicy pussy in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Don’t miss topless Android 21. Included blue eyes retexture. Thanks to xxsjxx.


Mod contains two folders:

  1. Nude 21 BETA (topless Android 21).
  2. Blue Eyes 21 (blue eyes retexture). This is just as retexture/add-on, so it still requires the base mod (for the nude model).

  • Basically disable EasyAnti-Cheat by running it + uninstall it.
  • Add the modded .exe (probably keep a backup).
  • Make a “~mods” folder like so: RED\Content\Paks\~mods
  • Extract the .rar and add the folders inside “~mods” folder
  • Run it using the modded .exe and it should work ( I haven’t tested this on any other machine so good luck).
    Note: it doesn’t work online.

Enjoy – Feedback appreciated!

Nude Mod For Android 21
Nude Mod For Android 21
Version: Beta
2.9 MB

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