Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Miriam Nude Skins

Let’s play as Miriam in various states of undress according to your wishes. This mod is the default costume replacer with a nude version. Contains different sexy outfits and topless option. Added boob physics (optional levels of bounciness). Thanks to noodtiddies.




There are options for:

  • Removing tattoos
  • Boob physics (fatihG method)
  • Nipple color/pubic hair on or off
  • Showing feet instead of boot weapons


How to Install:


  1. Go to Bloodstained’s game directory, under “Bloodstained Ritual of the Night/BloodstainedRotN/Content/Paks”.
  2. Create a new folder in the “Paks” folder called “~mod” or “~mods” (doesn’t matter which) if it does not already exist.
  3. Extract the BRotN-Miriam-Sexy-Mod-Pack.7z with Winrar or another similar program anywhere you want.
  4. Pick the desired version of this mod from one of the “Version” folders.
  5. Place “pakmod-MiriamTopless.pak” from the chosen folder in the “~mod” folder.
  6. Play and enjoy!

Optional – Alternate Skins:

  • Select a “pakmod-MiriamToplessSkinOverride.pak” file of the alternate skin you want to use in the “Alternate Skins” folder.
  • Follow the instructions above, copy it into the same “~mod” folder as the main “packmod-MiriamTopless.pak” file.

Optional – Show/Hide Boots:

  1. By default, all armors will show Miriam’s feet when no boot weapons are equipped.
  2. This mod has 2 override options for this:
    • “Always Show” which works like the original game.
    • “Always Hide” which never shows boots, including boot weapons (this will affect the “Pure Miriam” outfit).
  3. To install, select a “pakmod-MiriamToplessBootsOverride.pak” from one of the “Boots” folders and put it in the “~mod” folder.


Delete “pakmod-MiriamTopless.pak”,
“pakmod-MiriamToplessBootsOverride.pak” and
“pakmod-MiriamToplessSkinOverride.pak” from
“Bloodstained Ritual of the Night/BloodstainedRotN/Content/Paks/~mod”.

BRotN Miriam Sexy Mod Pack
BRotN Miriam Sexy Mod Pack
Version: 1.0
29.9 MB

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