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Nioh 2 Naked Males

This mod makes males nude. There are erect and flaccid versions. Supports only the 7 skin tones. Works only with global muscle level settings. Requires the Nioh 2 Mod Enabler. Credits: Sakura4.

How to Install Nioh 2 Nude Males:

  • You should have the Nioh 2 Mod Enabler installed first. Download and install it following all its instructions.
  • Put the “Mods” folder into the game directory that already has Nioh 2 Mod Enabler.
  • Pick your character’s skin texture and copy it from “Mods\Nude Male\MaleSkinColor” to “Mods\Nude Male”.
  • Given your muscle settings, choose the appropriate numbered texture from the “Mods\Nude Male\MaleSkin_N” folder and copy it to the “Mods\Nude Male” folder, and rename it to “”.
    Note: The file number in the “Mods\Nude Male\MaleSkin_N” folder is related to this setting. How many number you set, use the normal texture file with the corresponding number in this folder.
Nioh 2 Nude Males
Muscle Settings
  • Select the files in the Erect or Flaccid folder from “Mods\Nude Male” and copy them to “Mods\Nude Male”.
  • Press F2 in the game to turn on/off the MOD. Press Shift + F2 to turn on the shadow correction MOD shadow.
  • Done, enjoy the game!

The game update may cause the Shader hash to change. You can wait for the MOD update or find the corresponding value of the new version through Nioh 2 Mod Enabler.

If you can’t hide or show certain parts correctly, please use Nioh 2 Mod Enabler to find the corresponding Hash in Hunting = 2 mode. Then modify the corresponding Hash value below.
Note: These problems may be caused by the inconsistency between your VC runtime version and the version corresponding to the official game update.

These two codes control the protagonist’s icon model to appear naked.

hash = ecca3a7b0a0e6b79
run = CommandListN2General

hash = 7e552b939a41a99a
run = CommandListN2General

The first line of code controls the cloth in front.
The second line controls Fundoshi.
hash = 1a506f6780f52ab1
run = CommandListN2General

hash = 72c6658f137dcd17
run = CommandListN2General

Known Issues

The crotch mesh in the oni form was not made, so the display is empty.

Nioh 2 Naked Males
Nioh 2 Naked Males
Version: 0.5a
28.0 MB
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