Nioh 2 Naked Females

This mod makes any female player completely naked in Nioh 2. There are 7 skin tones and glossy skin. Credits: MurabitoHyk.



  • This mod is very likely to conflict with other mods that change your “mesh” folder (body parts). For example, it doesn’t work with the Nioh 2 Chest Wrap Removal.
  • If you use these nude textures:
    • The “SKIN COLOR” setting in game won’t work. The mod includes 7 skin tones in the “Optional” folder. They match the ones of the “COLOR PRESET” option, so you can use any of them.
    • The “MUSCLE DEFINITION” and “BODY MARKINGS” won’t function, so you won’t be able to apply tattoos on the body part.

How to Install Nioh 2 Naked Females:

  1. Make sure you have the Nioh 2 Mod Enabler installed.
  2. Unpack the “Nioh_2_Naked_Females.7z” file somewhere you can easily find. There are 3 folders inside.
  3. Go to the “Main” folder and just place its “00_FemaleBodyReplacer” subfolder into the “Mods” folder which is located in your Nioh 2.
  4. Navigate to the “Nude retexture” folder. Copy the “00_FemaleBodyReplacer” folder into the “Mods” folder in the game’s directory.
  5. Open the “Optional” folder. If you want to use any option of them, click on the folder you’d like to apply and move the “00_FemaleBodyReplacer” folder to the “Mods” folder of your game.
  6. Launch your Nioh 2. With the Mode Enabler activated on startup or in game, press the “F10” button to refresh the mods.
  7. That’s up. Have fun!

How to Get a Shaven Version:

  • Open the “Mods” folder.
  • Go to the “00_FemaleBodyReplacer” folder.
  • Click on the “body2.ini” file.
  • Follow the image’s instructions.
Note: Don’t delete the entire “ResourcePubicHair_vb”, make it exactly like the image.
  • Just change the lines like that. Then save the file.
  • Done! No pubic hair , no error, clean pussy.


  • Incompatible mods. If you already have other mods installed, please remove them all or move them to another location where they will not be applied. After that, it’s recommended that you install this mod to make sure it works correctly, and then gradually undo it while checking for conflicts.
  • Duplicated files. You may have “body.ini” or “body2.ini” somewhere else in the hierarchy of the “00_FemaleBodyReplacer” folder. The “.ini” file is automatically referenced in any hierarchy of the folder. If the “.ini” is duplicated, mod will not work correctly. Make sure that there is no “.ini” anywhere but directly under the “00_FemaleBodyReplacer” folder.
  • Incorrect name/location. Don’t change the “00_FemaleBodyReplacer” folder’s name. If you rename this folder or place it in a location other than directly under the “Mods” folder, the nude mod won’t work properly.
Nioh 2 Naked Females
Nioh 2 Naked Females
Version: 1.0
23.5 MB

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