Resident Evil 6 Deborah Reskin

Here is a retexture for mutated Deborah in Resident Evil 6. This mod improves the original base color textures. It also adds nipples and genitalia. Credits: Wooly.

Resident Evil 6 mutated Deborah
Resident Evil 6 Deborah reskin

How to Install Resident Evil 6 Deborah Reskin

  1. Before installing this mod, make sure you created a backup the game files.
  2. Unpack the “nativePC” folder into your RE6 directory.
    Note: It will ask you if you want to replace some files. Say yes to all. It’s just replacing the old textures.
  3. Done! Have fun!
RE6 Deborah Reskin
RE6 Deborah Reskin
Version: 1.0
47.7 MB

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