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Resident Evil 6 Rachel Foley Nude Skin

Meet nude Rachel Foley in Resident Evil 6. Now she moved aside her pesky blonde locks, so that she can see everything! The nude mod replaces Helena default outfits (“Helena USA” or “Helena Asia”). Credits: Vendetta.



  1. Modmanager
    Fluffy Manager 5000 by FluffyQuack
  2. Naked Rachel Foley with uncovered face.rar
    This mod replaces Helena default outfits with a nude version of Rachel Foley.

  1. Backup the original files before installing this mod.
  2. Unpack the “RE6-Rachel-Foley-nude-mod.7z” archive anywhere. Navigate to the “modmanager” folder and launch “Modmanager.exe”.
  3. Go to “Choose game” and select “Resident Evil 6”.
  4. Direct modmanager to your RE6.exe file with the “Define game path” menu. Close the mod manager.
  5. Put the “Naked Rachel Foley with uncovered face.rar” from unpacked mod’s archive into the modmanager directory:
  6. Launch the Fluffy Manager 5000 again. Go to the list of RE6 mods and click the “Rachel Foley (Nude) for Helena USA + Asia” mod in the list to install.
  7. Close mod manager.
  8. Run your game.
  9. Have fun!

You can use a trainer that is embedded into fluffy’s mod manager to play as any character, anywhere! Select “trainer” option after selecting RE6 game in mod manager, select “change costume” and try selecting either “Helena USA” or “Helena Asia” or any other character’s outfit! 

The exact same thing can be achieved with Resident Evil 6 Ultimate Trainer, by putting a checkmark on “character swap” and selecting either Helena Business or Helena Outdoors.

Version: 1.0
47.3 MB
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