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Tomb Raider: Anniversary Naked Lara

This mod removes all clothes and equipment of Lara with 3D naked body parts. Works for Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Legend. Credits: Bimone Gfjus Raq.

What’s Included

  1. tra
    Lara’s nude mesh for Tomb Raider Anniversary.
  2. TRAE-Menu-Hook
    Reverse engineering project for Tomb Raider LAU games, this repo contains the code for TRAE-menu-hook menu. Load files from outside the bigfile.
  3. trl
    Lara’s nude skin for Tomb Raider Legend.

How to Install Tomb Raider: Anniversary Naked Lara

  1. Download and install TexMod.
  2. Extract the “TRA_TLR_Naked_Lara.7z” folder with Winrar or another similar program anywhere you want.
  3. Drop all the files from the “TRAE-Menu-Hook” folder in your game folder.
  4. Create a folder named “mods” in your game folder, inside any files can be placed the game should load as replacement. The folder structure in the “mods” folder is the same as in the “PC-W” folder in the bigfile.
  5. Go to the folder named “trl” or “tra” and put the “lara.drm” file in the “game_folder/mods” folder.
  6. Start Texmod, in “Target Application” select the shortcut or exe that launches the game. Load the “_NoWeaponAndDirtAndWetness.tpf” file from trl/tra folder.
  7. Press “start”, then ingame you can switch between outfits with F9 until she is naked if she isn’t right away.
    Note: Launch the game through TexMod everytime for this mod to work.
TRA TLR Naked Lara
TRA TLR Naked Lara
Version: 1.2
9.7 MB
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