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Resident Evil 5 Natural Nude Sheva

With this nude mod, Sheva is ready to undress in Resident Evil 5. This mod replaces Sheva BSAA normal outfit. Unfortunately, the muscular Leon is not included. Credits: Gantw and simplesim.


1. A lot of sheva’s accessories have been removed from her. Only her choker was left to cover the ugly joint between her neck and body. Necklaces were left on her as well. Ear-rings removed.

2. A waist chain was included to break the ugly sight between her body and legs.

3. Water bottle and knife included, as this is needed in the game.

4. Red garment removed. Arm bands and bangles are left intact. Added Tribal look.

5. Ripped bra showing nips, uncovered lower body.

6. The mod makes natural skin color without warring markings.

7. Melee and bulletproof vest can be worn by Sheva and ingame it still provide the added protection effect.

8. Bump on her nipples. 

9. Playable sheva on the right being left handed.

10. Playable level one – Civilian Checkpoint.

It works without the strange lines or funny meshes appearing on sheva. However, there’s still this low res poly mesh, which means to say that when sheva is some distance away from you, her other accessories will pop up, this is because the game uses low res poly model for sheva when she is not near you (less details). 

Remarks: This mod is intended for mature gamers only.

How to Install Resident Evil 5 Natural Nude Sheva

  • Extract the mod’s folders and sub folders strictly according to its directories. Overwrite all old files.
  • Run th game and select the Sheva BSAA Normal outfit.
Resident Evil 5 Nude Patch Sheva Natural
Resident Evil 5 Nude Patch Sheva Natural
43.7 MB
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