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Outfitters oblivion nude skins

This mod adds a variety of outfits for female characters in Outfitters oblivion nude skins package in the game.


About oblivion nude skins:

Author: Kendo 2
Initial Release
WARNING: Adult content.  If nudity or partial nudity offends you DO NOT download this mod.

And, if you can’t play this mod with your partner or your parents looking over your shoulder then don’t download either.  And shame on you!

Avast dar ye salty swabs!
Okay, I made Outfitters oblivion nude skins as a resource for an upcoming line of oblivion nude mods I will be working on with a yet-to-be-named anims guru.  Oblivion nude mod places most of the Exnems-based work I will be using in my mod line in ONE PLACE.  No more downloading 27 mods just to get the look I want.  It’s all here.
Why the shop?  Oona’s Outfitters is a gimmick, plain and simple.  I put it in just so a non-modding downloader can have access to what I’ve done.  And what did I do, you ask?  Well, I combined about 10 different Exnems-based mods, edited a few meshes to make new items using original textures, and I changed a few file paths to keep things tidy.  I also edited a few vanilla meshes.
The mods I used are open resource or I have gotten permission from the author.
Feel free to use this mod however you see fit, just include this ReadMe so everyone gets their fair share of credit.  And speaking of credit, here they are in no particular order.

and Exnem

Contents: One shop outside the gates of the Arcane University.  A map marker should be added as soon as you start the game.  Oona, the proprietress will buy or sell clothing and armor.  Maab the sorceress will recharge your magic items and train you in Destruction magic.  Nyame the arena maiden will repair your damaged weapons and armor and train you in Blade skill.  And a sexy Dunmer slave girl is there just for….eyecandy.  Oh, and she can train you in Acrobatics skill.  And for crying-out-loud DON’T steal anything!

Note:  This oblivion nude patch is just a vehicle for things to come.  I would have uploaded just the NIFs and DDSs and called it quits but I took the extra effort to make the work available for people who don’t care to do their own modding.  BE THANKFUL that the original modders and guys like me exist, otherwise you would be stuck playing ugly girls in vanilla clothing.

If any of the original modders are offended by what I’ve done with your hard work, contact me and I’ll remove your files.

Thank you and enjoy the show.

Kendo 2

Since I made this as oblivion nude mod resource I wont’ be doing an OMOD version.  If you want to make one that’s fine, but will it jive with what I do later on?  Who knows?  And I may update this later.  There’s no telling what I’m capable of!

Outfitters Oblivion Nude Skins
Outfitters Oblivion Nude Skins
8.8 MB
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