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Pain Bringer nude elder

An … ahem armor for female characters.
Enough said.


HGEC nude elder Pain Bringer v1.1

Created by Bisquits

v1.1 Added Pain Bringer gloves in and fixed texture path on the H cup cuirass.

These meshes have an extremely high vertex count and may not run well on some older systems.

So What’s included in nude elder pack?

Pain Bringer Panties,
Pain Bringer Boots,
Pain Bringer Cuirass D cup
Pain Bringer Cuirass H cup

Installation nude elder:

1. Extract all the files from nude elder archive
2. Cut and paste Mesh folder, Texture folder, and Plug-in file into c:/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data
3. Check BisPainBringer.esp in Data file.

You will find the Armor in a jewelry chest behind a rock directly behind the IC waterfront player house. This armor is rated the same as leather. I realize that not everyone will be interested in downloading this armor it is by far the most revealing work I will ever attempt, for those who do use this please enjoy.

Credits nude elder:

Exnem for creating original Exnem body
RAIAR for creating HG Eyecandy Body and Hellknight for bringing HGEC body into the US community
Apachii for the skulls
Alien_Slof for the collar
Aridale for the moving breast meshes
Thank Bethesda softworks for making this wonderful game
Thank all the Teseyecandy forum family

Pain Bringer Nude Elder
Pain Bringer Nude Elder
7.1 MB
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3 thoughts on “Pain Bringer nude elder”

  1. Thank you for making this really nice mod, by chance do you have a save game close to the begining with the female that is in the picture. I am trying to play my first female and I cane not get them to turn out right and also what mods do you recommend ?

  2. I need some help when you said “check the Esp file in data” what exactly do you mean that file isent in data…The one from the file I downloaded keeps asking me to use a specific program to open it with do I need a specific Program to use it? this is my first time trying to apply a mod to my oblivion.

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I got it working but it looks HORRIBLE ON GRANMA! Is thier any easy to install texture Mods like the eye candy one? I tried to use it but I must be doing somthing wrong Its not working and thier was no Esp File in the Folder after I unzipped it

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