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Demon Oblivion nude

Accomplish this Demon Oblivion nude mod adds a demonic companion with which various obscenities leave.
More in the readme.

Attention respects: on the order of installation

1st Oona’s Outfitters. (Part 1 and 2, Update 1 and 2)
2nd Demon Consort Light (no sex animations)
3rd Demon Consort Mature (with sex animations)


Kendos Demon Consort  {MATURE}


Demon Oblivion nude is an Adult Mod with mature themes.

What this Demon Oblivion nude patch does is allow your character to have sexual relations in-game.

The Demon Consort will have a Topic in her menu about Summoning a Concubine. Once she does the summoning a Demon Concubine will pop in. Click on her and follow the dialogue.



(1). I am at least 17 years of age (the minimum age required to purchase the TES4 Oblivion game legally).

(2). I will not redistribute any of the adult material from this mod.

(3). Material in this mod is for my own personal use, I will not show it to a minor.

(4). I do not believe that nudity, partial nudity, or adult content/mature themes are offensive in any way.

(5). I was not contacted by the author of this mod or the host site and I willingly choose to download it.

(6). I have carefully read the above and agree to all of them.

A note from Kendo:

Okay, I’m uploading this file (Demon Oblivion nude patch) due to a lot of requests.  I had not really intended it to be used for public consumption.  This is a BETA in every sense of the word.  There will be no ‘fixing’.  So don’t waste your time posting that it needs ANYTHING.

When posting comments, KEEP IT CLEAN.  DO NOT POST ANYTHING of an explicit nature in the mod thread.  You do…and I’m reporting you, no question asked.

I will also request that irrelevant posts be removed.  In this ONE instance I’m going to keep my big mouth shut and push everything off on the admins.  I’ll let THEM deal with you.  And they won’t be nice like I am.

And do not ask me how to install the OBSE.  That utility has ReadMe’s on it’s use.

This is my first and final foray into adult animations.  Montana and I have parted ways and I don’t have the skill or know-how to pull it off on my own.  He is the brains and talent behind that part of this mod.


You will need this file plus ALL it’s reference mods working.

Don’t bother to upload the patched esp. The version you see here fixes everything.

Here’s links to the reference mods.

Exnems with Rens support (if you have one working already then don’t bother).

Oona’s Outfitters

Yes, you’ll need all four files…sorry.

and OBSEv0012 or higher.

You’ll also need Roberts Muscular Nude working if your character is male.

Female characters need not worry, Montana has solved that for you.

Game Use Demon Oblivion nude patch:

Only do this in an interior cell with a level floor, like your house or a room somewhere. Don’t be around other NPCs or companions. The Demon Consort and the Concubine DO NOT LIKE other NPCs, I’m not kidding so just listen to me on this. DO NOT have your Consort try to summon TWO Concubines. The game will lock up on you.

About Demon Oblivion nude:

The scripting/anim system you see here is a dead beta. It won’t be used since Montana has a new system that will work better. You may think this mod is revolutionary. It’s not. What Montana is doing now is what will rock the modding community.

File Use and Legal Mumbo-jumbo:

The contents of this file ARE NOT OPEN RESOURCE.  The animations and their scripting are the sole property of Montana and they CANNOT be reproduced, repackaged, or reused in any manner without the expressed permission of Montana.  They are HIS work and that needs to be respected.

Final note: Montana is a strong believer in personal freedoms and liberties.  His work reflects that attitude.  If you value your freedom you need to think wisely and be cautious.  Exercise whatever rights your government allows you to have.  And don’t take guff from swine.

Demon Oblivion Nude
Demon Oblivion Nude
2.7 MB
hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

3 thoughts on “Demon Oblivion nude”

  1. i tried to download and use this, but i cant find demon consort light, so it wont work… do you have another link to it?

  2. i cant see the bodys of the demons i have rensbeutypack,obviosly your mod,outfitter all four parts in order,the male textures please help.

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