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Darkness oblivion nude patch

This is a combination of sexlivion_0.4a xdarkness_lovers_3.55 and additional poses, sounds, and spells.

Warning: This Darkness mod is a beta version.

Warning: This oblivion nude patch is in German.



I take no responsibility for anything this oblivion nude patch does to you. Do not use this mod if you disagree with my statement.

DESCRIPTION Oblivion nude patch:

This oblivion nude patch is a combination of sexlivion_0.4a & xdarkness_lovers_3.55. I added some extended functions for sexlivion, and additional postures, sounds, spells to xdarkness_lovers.
Use console -> set ae to [x], to adjust the experience scale for sexlivion.
This is a semi-finished oblivion nude skins. Unfortunately I won’t continue working on it. Welcome further improvement to this oblivion nude mod by anyone.
(btw all quest conversations are in Chinese)

INSTALLATION Oblivion nude skins:

Extract all files to Oblivion\Data\
(If you already installed sexlivion and/or xdarkness_lovers, deactive their .esp files)

unknown (author of sexlivion), xdarkness (author of xdarknesslovers), addk1k (that’s me)

yoshiyo, a9214, and many others, especially some Japanese guys @2ch.
Remind me if I forgot somebody.

Darkness Oblivion Nude Patch
Darkness Oblivion Nude Patch
39.4 MB
hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

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  1. I put everything right where you are, but I do not know what it means set ae x you advise?

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