Exotic elder scrolls iv oblivion nude mod

This mod for Oblivion has many interesting armors and weapons with them.


Exotic Equipment 1.0.1  [REL] By Mystress and MystyKstar.

Created with the Elder Scrolls CS 1.2.  Its probably better that you install the 1.2 patch to run this plugin to avoid problems.

Changes: Several slight tweaks along with an updated (I.E. correct) arrow mesh that looks in the right folder for the texture.


Exnems Eyecandy Body Replacer (whichever version, that does not matter) a female player character, and of course, Oblivion!

INSTALLATION elder scrolls iv oblivion nude mod:

Unzip elder scrolls iv oblivion nude mod archive into your Oblivion/Data Folder.  All files are uniquely names; there should

be no overwriting.  (possible that the Data/Meshes/Armor/gauntlets_ground.nif might.  If you get this prompt you can ignore it.)


This elder scrolls iv oblivion nude patch adds a retextured set of the Exnem’s Amazon Armor, done in black and lilac, as well as a complete set of accesories to match.  There are also a couple of pieces of cloth equipment added in for sake of variety, but they are not enchanted or otherwise remarkable aside from shiny metal bits!  The goal was create an entire set of matching armor, weapons and accessories.  Too often I see a lovely armor mod that – as beautiful as it may be – goes with nothing at all!


The gear added by this mod is powerful but not exceedingly, it is mostly light armor with some pretty lethal weaponry.  There are 3 esp’s in elder scrolls iv oblivion nude skins archive, each offering the same rewards but with different means of attaining them.

Exotic_Easy.esp makes getting the armor as easy as typing Coc Testinghall and looting the lilac-trimmed chest on the floor by the exit to Hawkhaven.  All NPCs/in-game references have been removed. This is for the slackers who don’t want a challenge!  Shame on you!

Exotic_Equipment.esp requires a bit more work and is intended for high level player characters.  Deep inside the Amelion Tombs lies the restless spirit of a long dead warrior who tells you just how this armor came to be and why it cost her life.  If you offer to assist her – and live to tell about about it – you will be granted the means to obtain this special armor and the corresponding equipment.  This culminates in a battle with a level 45 entity with greater than 1k health and very high stats.  A thorough search of the

tomb will uncover additional clues and facts about these unfortunate events.  My level 47 player character managed to beat her but it was NOT easy.

Exotic_Leveled.esp makes the ‘boss’ of elder scrolls iv oblivion nude mod a leveled NPC so that anyone can take a crack at her.  Sadly even at higher levels she only has a fraction of the stats as the fixed version of her in Exotic_Equipment.esp and is much more easily defeated!  In order to counter this I gave her several special abilities exclusive to this  .esp to counter that.



There are no real problems with this plugin but there are a few things in need of mention.

I added a lot of dialogue to the primary NPC and without spoken dialogue (or even silent dialogue MP3’s) the text kind of… zips by.  There is no way around this.  I started to generate silent.mp3s for this purpose but they caused the mod to jump up in size.  So, it make take a couple of reads to get everything.

The “ground” models for the armor are simple, place holder type affairs.  So, if you start dropping stuff everywhere, don’t be surprised by that.

Also, the boss does not attempt to recover her weapon if disarmed.. I tried several AI settings and nothing changes that.  I think it may be due to her high Hand to Hand skill..


First and foremost is the Amazon Armor, by Exnem, with textures beautifully redone by MystyKStar.  (there are also 2 pieces of Exnem’s Sorceress armor that were actually the results of Mystress’ reflection-texturing experiments, but left in for variety’s sake)

There are several varients of the armor with heavy pauldrons.  These are Oblivion stock models

retextured by Mystress.  Also, a heavy helm was added just before release, based on the Blades helm model.  Its texture was redone in Photoshop, and was based on Xfile’s lovely Ares armor.

A retextured version of Nico’s wonderful Dreadweave Bow and Arrows is included.  Models and original textures by him, recolored in Photoshop by Mystress.

2 pieces of gear from the Blackluster mod – a sword and shield – retextured by Mystress.

A cape from the Travelers Cloaks mod (the very best mod of this kind!) which is a combination of the work of Someone1074, Belenos and Ghogiel.  Retextured to be a darker black with purple lining.

Last but not least, a single 2H sword from the Adonnay’s Elven Weapons.  When I wanted to add to 2H weapon to the mod, I wanted something thematically similar to the Blackluster 1-handed weapon.  So, I retextured one of Adonney’s elegant models to match our theme and voila – 2-handed weapon!

Despite the variety in sources, the armor came together well and looks great in game, each piece looking like an extension of the rest.

If you have any comments about exotic elder scrolls iv oblivion nude mod or support needs, write comment please – we hope you enjoy the plugin!

Exotic Elder Scrolls Iv Oblivion Nude Mod
Exotic Elder Scrolls Iv Oblivion Nude Mod
15.5 MB

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