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Erotic Dance Oblivion mod

Adds a book dealer in the district in the Imperial City in “The Merchants Inn” adding that if it is placed in the inventory, it replaces the idle animation by a dance.

Idle happen: if the character is bored while he does nothing.


EroticDance v1.2
By Tarnsman

A small  nude Mod for:
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Table Of Contents:

1. Description
2. Installation
3. Usage
4. Changelog
5. Known Bugs/Issues/Compatability
6. Credits
7. Contact Info

1. Description

This Erotic Dance Oblivion mod adds a book to The Merchants Inn in the Imperial City Market District
which when placed in either your inventory or the inventory of an npc makes them
chose Dancing as thier idle animation…


2. Installation Erotic Dance Oblivion mod

Extract the archive with Erotic Dance Oblivion nude patch and place the files and folders in thier proper locations within your data folder…

3. Usage Erotic Dance Oblivion mod

Just go to The Merchant’s Inn in the Imperial City Market District and pick up the book. It is on the bar.
Give the book to a companion to have them dance, or keep it yourself if you want to 🙂


4. Changelog

Removed the test npc from the npc list
cleaned, packed, and renamed the new file
Added new Screenshots so you can see what you are getting yourself into…:)
all filenames are still the same, so to update just overwrite everything 🙂
Added a missing .nif file that should fix the issue some people where having when running Oblivion with the 1.2 update

5. Known Issues

This Dance Oblivion nude patch may conflict with other mods that change npc and player Idle animations.
I have tested this mod with actors_in_chargev0.8 by Trollf and it does not seem to conflict at all,however
the dance animation will not play when the character is playing another idle, resetting animations with Trollf’s
mod seems to take care of the issue…


6. Credits

Bethesda for makeing such a modder friendly game…
The modding community as a whole, if it wasnt for your many forums I would have never gotten started…
Whomever did the Meshes for the book, i dont know who you are, but thanks, I am horrible with that sort of thing 🙂
All the people who are nice enough to take time out of thier day to download this file and test it, your comments will make it(and me)
better 🙂

Many thanks to all the people who’s mods also appear in my screenshots (Erotic Dance Oblivion mod too)!
Eshme/Aleanne/Korana for the wonderful work on reskinning the actors and for the sexy clothes in EshmesBodiesV3.0…
Mystykstar for the wonderful Mystique Companion v1.0 who works well with my mod and she makes it look so much hotter 🙂
Ren for Ren’s Beauty Pack version 1.1…your Mystic elves are hot :)…
And thanks to the people who where patient with thier e-mail descriptions of the problems they where having, you helped me make my mod better, you know who you are 🙂

Erotic Dance Oblivion Mod V12
Erotic Dance Oblivion Mod V12
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