Exotic Dancer Mod Fallout 3

This nudity mod for Fallout 3 adds in Moriarty’s bar has a section for exotic dancers.

Note: Not included Nude patch. You must still get the extra.


Trynfkwtme’s patch Ver 1.0b

Exotic Dancers Fallout 3 nude mod

This mod adds some exotic dancers to Moriarty’s Saloon. A simple immersion mod.
You will need to have a nude mod installed, or the girls will dance in their underwear.

To install:
Copy “data” folder into your “C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3” folder.
Run the game and enable the mod in the data files options on the launch menu.
That’s it!

I plan to add some dialog to the dancers, but wanted to get this out for everyone to enjoy for now.

Do not use these files for anything other than your personal use without permission from their respective authors. Thanks

Thanks to Umpa for the excellent animations used to create this mod!

GirlsGirlsGirls song written and performed by Motley Crue remains the sole property of its owner and should not be redistributed.
Thanks Motley Crue

Enjoy, Try

Exotic Dancer Mod Fallout 3
Exotic Dancer Mod Fallout 3
6.1 MB

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