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Lineage nude mod

Lineage 2/Nude patch by l2wh



Into structure of Lineage nude mod pack enter:
1. Textural archives (lie in folder Textures):
NakedFutx v1.40
NakedSutx v1.40
NakedButx v1.51
2 Models for display of new structures (lie in folder Mods):
NakedU v1.60 – Underwear (the Official version)
NakedF v1.60 – Completely exposed girls (standard clothes)
NakedS v1.60 – the Bared girls with stockings (standard clothes)
NakedB v1.60 – the Sensuality clothes, it is necessarily necessary NakedButx archive.

Installation Lineage nude mod

All Naked #. utx files from textural archives correspond in “systextures” a game folder.
It is desirable to copy files from all archives of Lineage nude mod then not to suffer with a choice of the necessary.
In fashions there are kind files armorgrpC #. dat, it means that depending on the Ruler version it is necessary to choose dat – a file of the corresponding Chronicle, to rename it in armorgrp.dat and to place in system a game folder. As in this folder already there is such file agree with file replacement, but just in case make a backup copy of a replaced file. Download Lineage nude mod here and enjoy!

Lineage Nude Mod
Lineage Nude Mod
7.1 MB
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