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Morrowind nude patch

This Morrowind nude patch puts morrowind naked chest and back mole on textures changed icons that demonstrate all female characters (exclude Argonians) as nudes.


DESCRIPTION for Morrowind nude patch

Maboroshi Daikon Full Nude Patch v1.20

Replaces chest and groin textures with modified images that show all female characters (except Argonians) as nudes.

INSTALL Morrowind nude mod

Extract files using paths into the Data Files subdirectory of your Morrowind Install using WinZip.


C:\Morrowind\Data Files\MD01_Nude_Patch.esm
C:\Morrowind\Data Files\MD01_Nude_Patch.txt
C:\Morrowind\Data Files\Meshes\*.nif
C:\Morrowind\Data Files\Textures\*.bmp

Run Morrowind and click “Data Files.”  Double click Morrowind nude patch plugin and click okay.  Play your game as normal (or as abnormal, as the case may be).  A good way to test the plugin is to travel to Suran and visit the Inn of Earthly Pleasure near the entrance of the town.

There are two optional skins than can be used instead of the default ones:

Khajiit two nipples:  Default is eight.  To change to the two nipple skin, rename TX_MD1_Khajiit_F_D.BMP to TX_MD1_Khajiit_F_D.BMP.OLD and rename TX_MD1_Khajiit_F_D.TWO.BMP to TX_MD1_Khajiit_F_D.BMP

Redguard light nipples:  Default is dark.  To change to light colored nipples, rename TX_MD1_Redguard_F_D.bmp to TX_MD1_Redguard_F_D.bmp.old and rename TX_MD1_Redguard_F_D.old.bmp to TX_MD1_Redguard_F_D.bmp


* All files should have fairly uniquely names and should not interfere with other plugins (with the probable exception of other nude plugins).

* Some races have unusual colors…

* While the textures are fairly detailed, there is only so much that can be done with the current models.  The chest is modeled with a bikini in mind and the groin has a “Unibutt.”  Future revisions of this patch will have modified chest and groin models assuming this is even possible.


v1.2 :

* Fixed Khajiit chest skin.  v1.0 skin had nipples that were too low.  New version Morrowind nude patch puts nipples in correct position and adds 6 additional nipples.  Added additional skin for two nipple version.

* Corrected Orc, Redguard and High elf groin textures to better match textures to the leg and torso textures.

* Added pubic hair to Wood elf and High elf groin textures.

* Mad Redguard nipple textures dark instead of light.  Kept old version Morrowind nude mod and included in archive.


* Replaced chest and groin textures with modified images that show all female characters (except Argonians) as nudes.

Morrowind Nude Patch
Morrowind Nude Patch
2.3 MB
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