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Romance elderscrolls nude mod

– This mod allows players to start a romance with an NPC,
to marry and to get even children. Start a romance with any NPC of Morrowind,
from the moment when you talk to him, “Marry him / she loves you,
end the romance whenever you want, would become pregnant (for female player characters), care for your baby, you prostitute yourself, search on prostitutes who adopt a foundling, had same-sex partnerships / romances.


All products such as Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon, etc. Set the TES Copnstructions property
by Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media company. The authors of this erwдhnten & Ьbersetzer
and presented no modifications Ansprьche object to these names and brands geschьtzten.
The introduced modifications, adaptations & Mod this ReadMe are vцllig unofficial and in
no way are the creator and author or Bethesda Softworks LLC responsible for
any damage caused by the use of modifications, adjustments or the mod of this document.
The modifications, adaptations & Mod this ReadMe for only are the private use of thought
dьrfen and not be expelled.
© Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. All Rights Reserved.

About Romance elder scrolls nude mod


– This is a data-adjustment Ьbersetzung & Helpful Information for “Romance Mod”
by Delavier Fandorn and the team of “wiwiland.

– This mod allows players to start a romance with an NPC,
to marry and to get even children.
Start a romance with any NPC of Morrowind,
from the moment when you talk to him, “Marry him / she loves you,
end the romance whenever you want,
become pregnant (only for female player characters),
kьmmere you to your baby, you prostitute yourself,
Seeking to prostitutes who adopt a foundling
have same sex relationships / romances.

To akativieren the options to this mod (!) MuЯ to seek mandamus Legentil.
It is found in Arrille’s top trading house in Seyda Neen.
Also, you kцnnt also buy a few дusserst nьtzliche Gegenstдnde.

INSTALL elderscrolls nude mod

– Requirements: Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon, are required.
Everything in the German Ausfьhrung.
Better Bodies (2.1 +) is also benцtigt.

– It is recommended to start a new game (but is not absolutely necessary).
We ьbernehmen but no guarantee. Please ensure your savegames before installation and use!

– The original mod is benцtigt NOT! All files are included here.

– The Mod corresponding zipen (with WinRar, 7-Zip or other) and content in the
Bethesda / Morrowind / Data Files folder you downloaded.
Then the respective files (icons, meshes, sounds, textures)
move in the appropriate folder.
The *. esp files are directly in the Data Files – folder.

– Eighth in the installation that you also keep your for
Files install correctly each race.
Dafor there is a folder called “other races” – here you will find the files.
Find out your race and copy the corresponding
Files in the correct folder in “Morrowind / Data Files”.
If you want to play then any other race,
please read the ReadMe for English to be aware of what wдre.

– Watch what for an option to this mod’s you want to use:

Romance_v37 DV.esp: The Romance Mod (base, without it is not)

Romance_Follow_v10 dv.esp: (if you want your beloved / sweetheart follows you – is recommended)

Romance_Prostitution_v12 dv.esp: (if you want to use this Mцglichkeit)

Romance_Bisexuel_v10 dv.esp: (if you want to use this Mцglichkeit)

Unfortunately, it is technically not Grьnden mцglich the two options “prostitution” and “Bisexual”
each other / to use simultaneously. You have to decide for one of the two.

– Starting the game and go to extra files:
It is the benцtigten be checked. Esp files (enabled).


– This mod was checked up TESTool_13 “and” Morrowind Enchanted Editor “and should be clean.

– In the English / French. ReadMe are still valuable information that should be read!

Mьsst you do not be surprised if you have any success in a potential
Partner have or you hate some of the spouses if their partnership is not your wont.
In Dialogmenь with your partner, friendship, erotic and romantic values are displayed.
The display is in short-term assets and long-term values.
Short term, says the Hцhe the current daily value and shows the long term, the Hцhe
Degree of the relationship in the course of time.

So it heiЯt a good relationship Introduce to:

“In the short term,” she kцnnt by the actions in the three different areas
(Erotic, friendship, romance increase).
ausfьhren So simply “actions” with your partner and the value increases here.

“In the long term” is not quite so fast:
Here every day the easy zдhlt her at your partner spends.
Depending hцher / better your values are, respectively, the more options / Mцglichkeiten be isolated.
Your kцnnte only sleep with your partner or marry him,
if that option has been unlocked!
Note: The values fall again automatically! So note to partners regelmдssig.

A detailed list of what action,
produces the value and when the new option will be enabled,
is listed in the table closely. + Frz. Readme.

If the partner cheating on prostitution,
is not well received and fьhrt to break the relationship.

If one is prostituted itself (understood as a woman) and rejected
Criminal law is one indicator, and the bounty will erhцht to 1.
Ьbrigens can you become pregnant!

For Baby:

– Ьberlebt The baby, even if it is not fьttert every 24 hours & wraps, etc.

is 4.1) – What are the options:
“Romance” (appears only after the mandamus with Gesprдch Legentil in Arrille’s trading company)
which then activates the following:
“Stop making”
“Accompaniment (Romance)” (only available if the “Follow”)

appear at prostitution (the TOPIC’s in the other sex)
“To offer” (only female NPC’s)
“Make offer”

And then there’s a mini-quest, where you can adopt a baby.
“Small Helviane”

4.2) – Items to be bought either at Lydia’s in Arrille trading house:

Some is for both sexes:

– Wьrfel and sounds to entertain.

– There are rings, flowers u.s. one can give his partner.

– A diamond ring to get married.

Some things are just for female characters interesting:

– A Sterilitдsamulett to be to not get pregnant.

– Erhцht a fertility amulet that the chance of a pregnancy.

– Maternity clothes

– A cradle

5th) – Bug’s wдhrend the beta test of the DV has occurred
but nothing to do with themselves have of translation:

– If a pregnant woman releases, it can then be naked
replaced because the maternity dress in her own pregnancy.
If the maternity dress is removed after the birth,
she has her own clothing while still in the inventory but not on his body.
After nдchstem sex but it should be held again vollstдndig.

– For “Bisexual” can result in a pregnancy between 2 women!

– If you activate the mod in a running game, it can be
that persons of the PI’s do not show up,
e.g. 2 of the prostitutes in Seyda Neen is only one / r on of street.

Next Bug’s (or even this ausfьhrlicher) are / is in the eng. / Fr. Readme.


– Author: Delavier Fandorn and the team of “wiwiland”

– DV adjustments: M & F: TOMORROW & Flumme (Rappeldrache) & C. Enom

– DV-Beta Tester: Eternus & Fairas & master_of-games (Thanks!)


In no case, rename or authors & Ьbersetzer for any direct or indirect,
zufдlligen, special, consequential or other damages, even through the use or
Unmцglichkeit of the use and possession or by improper functioning of the Mods and the
Mod-adjustments will be made liable, this is so even if the authors & Ьbersetzer on
the Mцglichkeit of such damage noted.
The authors and Ьbersetzer disclaim, any liability bezьglich of use
Mods & Mod this from the adjustments to the information contained in the ReadMe’s usage rules
In short, it will not be liable ьbernommen! Use at your own risk for real body & peace of mind
Succession in the parents, life and computer-Save-Game-health.

We are pleased that your for you have decided to adapt our computer and we thank for
Your confidence! We wish much fun!

M & F: TOMORROW & Flumme

Romance Elderscrolls Nude Mod
Romance Elderscrolls Nude Mod
7.7 MB
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