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Romance nude patch instruction

BetterBodies and Bloodmoon required. Instruction and how to faq for Romance Morrowind nude mod


How to Install Romance nude patch

1 – Copy the contents of the archive in your Morrowind directory. Replace existing files.
2 – Add the package that corresponds to your race. (Copy the Data folder files in the directory that corresponds to your race in your Morrowind directory. The files contained within compressed files “Other races.” Replace existing files.)
3 – Check the modules you want to enable:
– Prostitution (if you want to enable this option)
– Bisexual (if you want the NPCs are bisexual)
– Romance_follow (if you want your companion to accompany you in love)
– The module Romance (mandatory course)


This module allows the PJ to seduce, marry and have babies, men can discover the joys of fatherhood by focusing their babies by female NPCs. Women will she even their unborn child. Everyone can find the baby lost somewhere in Vvardenfell.
You can:
– Attract all the NPCs of Morrowind, from the moment you can talk to them.
– You marry them.
– Making love with them.
– Apply the extras that will help you advance in romance.
– Break at any time
– Expecting a Baby (For Women)
– Taking care of your baby
– You prostitution.
– Go see prostitutes
– Adopt the baby lost

Instructions  Morrowind nude patch

To access the features of Romance, you must first talk to Mandamus Legentil awaits you on the floor of the inn to Arrile Seyda Nihyn.

1 – Password: (esp with the “prostitution”)
This module adds the ability to use the services of prostitutes. The fare is 100 PO.
For this, use the topic “Pass”. If you see a (e) prostitute (e), your romance will stop. You can create your own add-on to a brothel. The NPCs that you want prostitution to be associated with the local variable “Prost” via a script. The prostitute (s) do not work in bad weather outside. Two prostitutes (one man and one woman) are added to Seyda Nihyn. The dancers are also activated Suran.

2 – Romance:
You can start a romance with any NPC male or female of the game (even those of your modules) of the opposite sex, or whatever your sex, if you use the module “Bisexual”.
To begin a romance, talk to an NPC and use the topic “Romance”. You can only have one romance at a time, the character with whom you started a romance gives you access to 4 new topics:
– Friendship: You can find the list of possible friendly actions. The actions undertaken will change the percentage of the class and unlock other actions.
– Erotica: Erotic give you access to everything related to sex, be careful not to develop just this category without which the NPC has the impression of being solicited for sex and end your illico relationship. This action list will move to other possible actions
– Romance: Same, but for everything related to love. In this category you will unlock the topic Marriage.
– Out: To stop instantly romance underway.
Depending on the progress of the Romance, the NPC may take more or less well.

3 – Should prostitution (for women only, esp with the “prostitution”):
Prostitution starts from the moment you use the topic “Solicitation”.
Each time you use this topic, you can propose to the NPC to follow you in a room 100 through OP.
It can accept or refuse. During each solicitation, the provision of relevant NPC and decreases your premium increases if the NPC refuses 1PO (50% success for soliciting)
To stop prostitution, start a romance, but if you prostitute again for this new romance, it will stop immediately.

4 – Pregnancy: (women only)
You may be pregnant, if you are already, each time you make love during your time of ovulation. Be careful and check your calendar.
To hope to be pregnant, make love during and / or before the time of ovulation. You can still use amulets fertility or sterility edit your chances of pregnancy. Once pregnant, you need to wear special clothing. The breastplates are prohibited.

5 – Pregnancy NPCs (men only):
Each time you make love to a woman NPC, it has 10% chance of getting pregnant … pregnant women do not completely undress for sex. You can still use amulets of fertility or infertility to change the chances of becoming a father. A single woman may be pregnant NPC at a time. Once the woman gives birth, the baby is in a cradle beside her. You can then select his name. Once this duty done, you can have another child.

6 – Adoption:
Somewhere in Vvardenfell is a baby waiting to be found, you can choose: either to entrust the custody of a foster family, or raise.

7 – Raising a child:
He must feed her children properly, to sing songs, make sure he does his burp, change, devoting time, cuddling. (The cycle of the child is 24 hours)

8 – Companion lovers (With esp. “Romance_follow)
You can ask the person you’re seducing, follow you, but … Please, use this function at your own risk knowing that the displacement of an important person may interfere with proper place in the game
It is imperative to operate the topic “Companion in love” and “Stay here” before a break, otherwise this NPC despite the end of your romance, will continue to follow you.

9 – Marriage:
Once the romance progressed sufficiently, you can make your marriage proposal. You’ll need to get a diamond ring. The marriage has some advantages. It avoids a break if you do not talk to your lover for 30 days. Moreover, once married, the values of romance / erotica / friendship decline more slowly in their absence. Once married, your romance will be more stable.
The NPC will refuse to marry if the weather is bad.

10 – Out:
The provision of NPC fall to 0 if the romance was advanced. You can break either by announcing to the NPC in question by starting another romance elsewhere. If you were married, the divorce will be automatic.
The NPC will break if its own:
– It must attack you
– You prostitute
– You do not experience a period of 30 days while you’re not married
– You’re not married and eroticism long time is higher at 70 while the other values are less than 10.
– If you go see the prostitute (s)
– If the NPC disappears (disable)

11 – Info / Miscellaneous:
A merchant was added to the inn Arrile. It sells equipment to facilitate the attraction and release action (flowers, rings to offer guitar to seduce, etc..). If you took the sudden urge to start a romance with the NPC Fandorn …. Be careful …. very jealous of his wife but persevere because the surprise is quite funny (wink)

Administration – Technical information on the operation of romance.
1 – variable long-term and short term.
The values in the short term change immediately after an action. The long-term values vary much more slowly. The values in the long run help unlock certain actions. They are updated 1 time per day.
If short-term> long term => long-term increases of 10% of the difference.
Otherwise => long-term decreases of 10% of the difference.
The short-term securities fell by 10% once a day.

2 – Friendship:
The amount of points added for each action depends on the friendship of “intelligence”, the “Disposition” and the action performed.
The bonus is calculated thus: 10 x “Intelligence” / 100 x “Disposition” / 100

3 – Romanticism
The amount of points added for each action on the romance depends on the “Will”, the “Disposition” and the action performed.
The bonus is calculated thus: 10 x “Will” / 100 x “Disposition” / 100

4 – Erotica:
The amount of points added for each action on the eroticism depends on the “Layout”, the “Agility” and the action performed.
The bonus is calculated thus: 10 x “agility” / 100 x “Disposition” / 100

5 – List of actions (not exhaustive)
The terms in bold are required for the action is available. Other values are necessary for successful action. (A = Friendship, Romance R = E = Erotica, CT = short term LT = long term)

Action ALT ACT RLT CTN ECT ELT Avail. Various
Shares bases 10
Playing dice game 10 dice & 1 OP
Joking 20 20 20
Telling 30 30 30
Confidence 40 40 40
Telling a secret 50 50 50

Action ALT ACT RLT CTN ECT ELT Avail. Various
Shares bases 10
Play music 10 leatherback
Offering flowers 20 20 20 bouquet of flowers
Provide ring ring 30 30 30
Project Child 40 40 40
Declaration 50 50 50
Marriage 60 60 60 60 60 alliance and weather

Action ALT ACT RLT CTN ECT ELT Avail. Various
Shares bases 10
Bise / plays 20 20 20
Take arms 30 30 30
Bise / Word 20 40 40 40
Pats 25 50 50 50
Make love 30 60 60 60 rain outside

Each successful action will provide a bonus to the value of its short-term category. This bonus will apply a weight proportional to the level of action. The level of action is the provision required / 10. Moreover, successful action will bring a bonus of 1 point at the disposal of the NPC.


v11 35: Development and Testing
v36: Final (True Morrowind)
V37: Final version (Wiwiland) adding sounds childbirth and nausea

Known Bugs:

– (Corrected) If the NPC is outside and it’s raining or snowing, it will rain or snow also in the room which will host the wedding and the bridal chamber. Normally, the NPC should reject the shares if the weather is bad, however, time management in Morrowind is not perfect, it is possible that the NPC refuses any action while it is good weather, or rain still in a room. But I can not do anything at this level.
The NPC will refuse to marry or make love if the weather is too bad and if it is in a foreign cell.
– If the NPC is in an inner cell with a configuration like “blue haze” you see the same environment in the bridal chamber or during the wedding ceremony. So, avoid the NPC who smoke.
– You can start a romance with any NPC of the game or your basic modules and this, when you talk to them, even those who should not. Therefore, do not NPCs that may soon overcomes.
– The Argoniens Khajits and not good models – the module is working but the graphical effect of bare belly is not very pretty.
– (This is not a bug, just an observation) During pregnancy, you can not wear standard tunic or dress standard, no pants, no armor. These clothes will be automatically removed. Special clothing are provided in the mod.
– Avoid to take action Romance of a free fall … even if it’s not easy to do … keep your feet on the ground .
– In case of failure, a message will tell you that a character is currently attacking you. This is normal. Do not pay attention.
Future developments

– Integration of pregnancy for races and Khaja Argonien


– Mandamus: 3D & Animation
– Fandorn Delaval: TESC, dialogues, scripts
– Lyditsa: writing, voice woman
– Bob_74: 3D object models various
– Celinha: Drawings
– Pooky: His
Beta testers:
– Rojhann
– Sabrewolf & Chiemi
– Moonknight & his wife
– Lyditsa
– Emma module “Children of Morrowind”
– Psychodogstudios BetterBodies models, which were the basis for the bellies.
– Better Clothes team for the base models tunics (especially for models and Greybeard Calishlan for textures)
– Regan of “Children of Morrowind” for babies.
– Roberberbil Korana and the original model used for the skirt wedding dress.
– NioLiv original meshes for gloves, shoes and coats used for the wedding dress, dresses basic model of a pregnant woman.
– CanadianIce for the textures used for the robes of a pregnant woman
– Music & Dinner marriage DjPtiLu (Dark Heart)
– The moderators wiwilandais who cleaned up the topic of creating the module:)
– The wiwilandais who have contributed their ideas and support

Misc Info

Do not change the module without my permission (because of the children of Morrowind).
Do not distribute modified version of the mod. without my permission.
Some parts of this module must not be reused without permission (Dark heart music)
This module overrides the topic “romance” with “Children of Morrowind” Emma

Fandorn Delaval and his team wiwiland.

“When we renounce love to choose what it believes to be wisdom when we forget that life is an act of love, one day comes when we discover that we lost”

(Martin Gray – The Book of Life)

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