City of nude patched Heroes

The name says, this patch (City of nude patched Heroes) strips the female characters in a particular outfit.
Details in the City of Heroes nude patch readme.



CoH City of Heroines Totally Nude skins

by Unbroken v2.0

You may freely distribute, modify, improve or alter this file with full permission of the original creator.

How to Install City of Heroes nude patch

Open the zip file and extract all files to drive C: or whichever drive you have CoH installed on. Make sure you have “Use Folder Names” selected, and all the files will unzip to the correct directory paths in your CoH\data directory.

What this file does

What these files do is create an entirely nude skin for City of Heroes nude patch females, with appropriate bitmapping and color map layers.

The skin itself replaces the entire Tops with Skin metal option set, giving the set a seamless look to unmodified clients, and of course, making a good amount of unsuspecting females totally naked other than boots and gloves, the skin set is highly detailed, modified off Magius’s detail bump maps. The nipples on the top do not in any way conflict with already installed nipple mods, so if you’re running a subtle nipple mod for clothed outfits, they will remain that way, and in this skin you will have fully. exposed and appropriately shaded and colored nipples. The bottoms have been fully bump mapped as well for high detail and a 3D appearrance to the pubic mound.

Credits City of Heroes nude mod

RazorAngel – For giving me a place to put it.
Magius – For sharing his skin bump map tga’s so I could make the skin more detailed.

City Of Nude Patched Heroes
City Of Nude Patched Heroes
148.7 KB

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