Atlantica nude patch

This is Atlantica Nude patch : by Felldude

Install Atlantica Nude patch

Install contents to NDoors file folder.

To remove the nude mod copy the textures found in the
“None Nude Textures” folder in this zip to the Nchar3d\texture folder

Technical Info

The game uses the standard .dds file format. The only difference is that the header is

Here is the header of an 86k .dds file used by Atlantica (With mipmaps down to 1×1)

Here is the header of an standard 86k dds file. (With mipmaps down to 1×1)

Simpley changing the header of the Atlantica dds file to that of a standard dds file,
is all that needs to be done to edit them. Then after your finished replace the header
of the file you just modifyed to its origanal state.


Atlantica Nude Patch
Atlantica Nude Patch
1.7 MB

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