Dangergirl Quake 3 nude skins

A Danger Girl skin for a closer not named model.


nude skins for the danger girl model for quake3 arena.

Installation Quake 3 nude skins:

first her danger girl model what  free from the web suck,
eg in http://www.planetquake.com/polycount/downloads/index.asp?model=1117
However, there Courage is what regestrieren but no cause and no  advertising brings with it.

now. pk3 file with winrar go into the folder “models” -> “players” -> “danger girl” and pulls the jpg files from this nudeskin drag and drop the folder in “danger girl”.
then in the fields  on ok and yes the skin and you have already modified.

now you still play. pk3 file in the folder eurern baseq3 quake3 subdirectory  and  Quake 3 nude skins installed.


Dangergirl Quake 3 Nude Skins
Dangergirl Quake 3 Nude Skins
5.0 MB

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