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Unreal tournament 2003 nude patch

This is a mod for a variety of Danger Girl (Abbey Chase called it) models and skins.
Further details including installation instructions are provided in Unreal tournament 2003 nude patch readme.


Model Name              : DangerGirl
installation directory  : UT2003\Animations\DangerGirl.ukx
UT2003\Textures\ DangerGirl_tex1.utx
UT2003\Textures\ DangerGirl_tex2.utx
UT2003\Textures\ DangerGirl_tex3.utx
UT2003\Textures\ DangerGirl_tex4.utx
UT2003\Textures\ DangerGirl_tex5.utx
UT2003\Textures\ DangerGirl_tex6.utx

Authors                 : David “Frag Cow” Coen. UT Conversion by Scott A. H. Ruggels
Skin Authors   : Malcolm Andrieshyn, Scott A. H. Ruggels, Mark “Makk” Rowan, “Demon Princess”,  David “Frag Cow” Coen.
Animations  : Default “FEMALE_A” animations from the game.
Sounds   :  Default Sounds from the game.
Model description       :  This is a 2400 polygon model based on J. Scott Campbell’s  Comic book character, Abbey Chase, a.k.a. “Danger Girl”.  The model is using  the default sounds and animations, and KAT  Collision object from the default female from UT2K3.

Other info  <OTHER STUFF>

Additional Credits to   : Epic Games and Digital Extremes for their  assetts such as the FEMALE ANIMATION_A, and the Collision Ragdoll, and sounds.

Thanks to               : Skullbox for techical assistance on importing the model into the game, and to Milla for her shiny surface tutorial.
* Play Information *

New Sounds              : No
CTF Skins               : <No
LODS   : Default
* Construction *
Poly Count              : <LOD1 2400polys>
: <LOD2 – Default polys>
: <LOD3 – Default polys>
Vert Count              : <1295 Verts>
Skin Count              : <6  Packages,  of  four Skins Each, plus shaders>
Base info               : Default  Animations, Default Collisions, default sounds
Software used             : 3dsMax 4.02,Actor-X, Photoshop, Unrea Editor
Known Bugs              : The boot textures default to the last package “saved”. so I saved it as the ones from DangerGirl_tex1.utx. The Upl files have the correct name of the texture for each package.
Build/Animation time    : Unknown, ask Frag Cow about that, but my involvement was about  2-3 days per texture, and a month of dicking around with the editor  and learning the scripts.

* How to use this model *

Unreal tournament 2003 nude patch installation:

DangerGirl for Unreal Tornament 2003

This Zip should contain the following items:

1.) Dangergirl.ukx
2.) Dangergirl_tex1.utx
3.) Dangergirl_tex2.utx
4.) Dangergirl_tex3.utx
5.) Dangergirl_tex4.utx
6.) Dangergirl_tex5.utx
7.) Dangergirl_tex6.utx
8.) xplayersDangerGirl.upl

Installation.  If Winzip does not install this properly, then please make sure that files with the file extension “*.ukx” get extracted to the directory “UT2003\Animations”. Files with the  extension “*.utx” should be extraced to the directory “UT2003\Textures”. Files with the extension, “*.upl” should be extracted to the Directory “UT2003\System”.  If you are feeling bold you can open your “” file and cut and paste the below paragraph to the bottom of the file with on a new line.

DangerGirl1=”Name:  Abbey Chase|Age:  25|Race:  Human||Data:|Abbey Chase, a.k.a Danger Girl  fights a neverending battle against the forces of megalomaniacal  world conquest, and the agents of Neo fascism!||”
DangerGirl2=”Name:  Lauren|Age:  32|Race:  Human||Data:|Allready a successful Anchor on a 24 hour news channel. Lauren decidedto show that she was not just another pretty face, and decided to show people how it’s really done in the arena. She thinks armour is for the weak, and competes wearing little at all.||”
DangerGirl3=”Name:  Kelly|Age:  23|Race:  Human||Data:|Kelly is a professional Dominatrix, but has an anger mangement problem as well. She doesn’t hate you. It’s not personal, she hates everybody.||”
DangerGirl4=”Name:  Layla|Age:  18|Race:  Human||Data:|Corporal Layla was tired of fixing attack helicopters and trucks. She wanted the taste of combat, so now she’s in the arena for better or for worse..||”
DangerGirl5=”Name:  Unpretty|Age:  Deceased|Race:  Human||Data:|Back fron the dead, and ready to battle, this zombie was riased by eldritch and arcane means to pursue a winning record in the Arena. Whether this will be successful or not remains to be seen, but being dead has not hurt her performance so far||”
DangerGirl6=”Name:  Makoto Kobayashi|Age:  Unk|Race:  Human||Data:| A person who has downloaded her peronality into a synthetic body, so as to experience the action and thrill of the arenas, without the complication of a permanent death.||”

* Copyright / Permissions *

Unreal Tournament  is a registered trademarks of
Epic Games, Inc.

The Animation  is the  default Human Female_A from the Unreal Tournament 2003 gam4e and is the property of  Epic Games. The Skeleton is the default, made by Gwot. Unreal Tourtnament 3003 is a Registered Trademark of Epic Games. The model and associated skins are free to distribute as long as this note, and all the credits therein are included with the package. The model and included skins are not to be used for commercial purposes. .

Compiled January 27th, 2003

Unreal Tournament 2003 Nude Patch Dangergirl
Unreal Tournament 2003 Nude Patch Dangergirl
3.8 MB
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