Bastila kotor nude skins

This patch appears to provide network underwear for Bastilla.



Here my little reskin for you
nothing special, but maybe some nice addition for bastila fans

thx to all editing guys who figured out the tpc2tga conversion !

Install Bastila kotor nude skins :

The zip contains 2 “.tga” files that must be extracted in your “SWkotOr/Override” folder
Then restart the game

The first file will make a green-eyed blonde out of Bastila. I think it fits more to her charackter.

The second file gives Bastila some new designer underwear from an exclusive shop in Taris City!
To make it appear, give bastila no clothes in the equipment panel.

Have Fun!

Bastila Kotor Nude Skins
Bastila Kotor Nude Skins
389.3 KB

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