KOTOR Bastilla’s Latex Outfit

Two-in-One. The mod gives two new sexy costumes for Bastilla in KOTOR. Includes three versions of hair color. Credits: Hamanu2012.

What’s Included:

P_BastilaH04.tga – Brown Hair.
P_BastilaH04.tga – Blond Hair.
P_BastilaH04.tga – Black Hair.
P_BastilaBA01.tga – Black Widow Outfit.
P_BastilaBA01.tga – Newer Black Latex Outfit v1.2

How to Install KOTOR Bastilla’s Latex Outfit:

Copy one file of hair color that you want to use and all outfit files to the “Override” folder in the game’s directory.

Black Bastilla Kotor Patch
Black Bastilla Kotor Patch
583.3 KB

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