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Fallout 3 Naked Women

This mod replaces the default female body with a naked version for women of Fallout 3. This is a regular skin replacer pack that does not need the game’s “.esp” file to make it work. The color of original textures has been changed a little bit of the color, so the modified files are ready for all the races.

Fallout 3



  • Painspike and other armors are fixed.
  • Body breaks are now removed.
  • Better readme ( I hope ).

Bug is now fixed with hairpacks and other mods that change the race.

The Body now has a working Dismemberment.


  • All Female NPCs and the Player Character use the same Body.
  • The player and the NPCs should be able to use all armors. OK, Not all armors but all the custom clothes of Malo and also any of the original Fallout 3 armors. With Growlfs Hot Clothes it is not tested yet, but it is possible they may work.
  • No more nipples on the shoulders, this has been fixed.
  • Raider problems are now solved.

How to Install Fallout 3 Naked Women

First of all delete any and all old versions (V1.7 and lower) of the Nude Body you may have installed. The new Version isn’t at all compatible with the older ones (V1.7 and lower).

Extract the archive with an actual version of 7zip.
Copy the included Data folder over the existing in your ..\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\ game folder.
Confirm overwrite information with “YES, ALL”.

Alternately you may use the Utility “Fallout Mod Installer” by the designer Quarn, which will place everything in its place for you automatically. Using this installer will allow easier removal and installations of any future upgrades and releases as well. You will be able to do this with one single button click and presto my old mod version is now removed completely and you can now upgrade to a newer ver.

You can find Fallout 3 Nude Mod Installer here:

If this is your very first mod that you have ever used for Fallout 3, you must first go update the Fallout.ini, that every Mod needs done to work correctly, not only this Mod. You will find it in MyGames\Fallout3 on your Own Files Folder. Typically this may also be found in your My documents folder.
If you don’t know what I mean by this, then use the search option on your PC and search for this file.
Before you make any changes, make a copy of that file, so if you change something wrong, you can replace it with the backup file if you mess up. Then open it, and search for this Line -> “bInvalidateOlderFiles=0 <-and change the 0 to a 1. It should then look like bInvalidateOlderFiles=1”. Then save the file, don’t rename it just save the change.

If you use any Fallout 3 Nude Mods that needs an esp to work, remember this mod does not need an esp, as it is just a regular texture replacer.

If you have and are using mods using an esp file, you can use the Fallout Mod Manager ( by Timeslip ). This program will helps your mods run together ( especially if you are running multiple mods ) and will help to avoid conflicts. It does this by allowing you to schedule the load order of any mods, so data is not overwritten, that may be needed by another mod you have running. Typically the last mod in a list overwrites / replaces the one loaded before it by the game. You do not need this utility however, for my mod to work, it is just a little info that might help you, if you are having any issues getting other mods to run correctly.

Download Fallout Nude Mod Manager:

I do suggest, however, for you to go get the program “Archive Invalidation Invalidated”, by the designer Quarn. This program will keep you from having too manually update continuously, your Archive Invalidation file that the game uses to keep track of textures. This file needs to be updated each time a texture is either added to, or removed from the game. Quarn’s utility removes that problem and does it all for you automatically…say goodbye to missing or not showing up textures once an for all.

And please, use Quarn’s automatic version of the program as it’s pretty hard to mess anything up that way.

Download ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated here:

When using Fallout 3 Naked Women created by others, and if you are experiencing any problems getting them to work ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Have I changed the Fallout.ini file, as is listed above?
  2. Am I using the ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated utility, automatic version ? (This primarily applies to texture replacement files / mods). Alternately you can update the Archive Invalidation txt file manually, but I recommend you use the utility.
  3. Did I install everything to the correct data paths? Quarn’s Fallout Installer will help you avoid this issue.
  4. Am I using the Fallout Mod Manager?

How to Uninstall Fallout 3 Naked Women

Remove all textures you installed manually by deleting them completely in the C:\ \Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data\textures folder. Alternately if you used Quarn’s Installer, just point the program to my mod that you pointed to and installed, and then hit the button “uninstall” and your done.

Known Bugs

If you are having different colors show up between the Head and Body, use Growlfs Female NudeBody Texture, that could fix this Problem (We think it is a shader problem Nvidia/Ati ).
If you are having bugs & issues with armors that use a “Skin”, then that is not created for this NudeBody (Nipples on the Back and Stuff) and it because of that issue most likely.

You WILL get bugs in the game if you use any older Version (or parts of) my mod with a newer Version…they are NOT compatible with one another.

You will also have bugs if you do not update your ArchiveInvalidation txt file manually, or alternately use Quarn’s Archive Invalidation Invalidated program as I have listed / explained above.

Fallout 3 Malos Nude Skins
Fallout 3 Malos Nude Skins
9.7 MB
hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

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