Brurpo nude mod

This Brurpo nude mod contains 2 versions replace the body of the female player character.
Once again, naked and in bikinis.


Introduction Brurpo nude mod

This is my body replacer for fallout 3 it will overwrite the fallout 3 default female body.

Select the file you want, nude, or underwear.

Installation Brurpo nude patch

unpack the content of the zip Brurpo nude patch folder inside your fallout 3 data folder.

if you do not have an ArchiveInvalidation file, create a text file with this name (ArchiveInvalidation), at your fallot 3 folder (not the DATA!!!) and put the following lines in it:


make sure you have binvalidateolderfiles is set to 1:
Go to your documents, my games, fallout 3, and open fallout.ini, press ctrl+f and find “binvalidateolderfiles”, without quotes, if its equal to 0, change to 1.

### Terms of Use ###

You must NOT reupload this file (Brurpo nude patch) or its contents in ANY case, or use for other reasons besides a mod for fallout, I modeled this body, so you have no right to post it in any cg forum as your model. If you want, for your mod, to modify this files and upload it, you must contact me first, I will not tolerate a reupload of my files just because your mod requires it, if thats the case, point a link to this file.

Sorry to be so harsh, I will probably accept any requests, but the lack of respect of some people forced me to write this.

### Known Bugs ###

There is no dismemberment, I dunno how fallout 3 handles that, when I find out, I will update.

there is a little seam between the hand and the wrist, I did not figure out how to fix that yet.

### Thanks ###

thanks Malo for the cloth tutorial, it helped a lot

Jaysus for being very helpfull at the forum!

Niftools team, for being so dedicated on their tools

Bethesda for the great game

and download Brurpo nude skins and enjoy game!

Brurpo Nude Mod
Brurpo Nude Mod
1.6 MB

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