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Silkroad online nude mod

A Nude patch Silkroad for the 1 the standard clothing under the armor and underwear removed.


Nude patch Silkroad Online v4.1

by Acid, Domochevsky, SMaz and Xennex

Hi, Guys.

With this Nude patch all Girls in Silkroad can be completly undressed.

NOTE: You need a seperate Patch for any Client Installer Version. Please check up,
what Client Installer u used before you run this Patch !

This Nude patch was tested with the updated SilkroadOnlinevGlobalOfficial_v1.01.exe
Installer Version to Version 1.093 an bypass the Gameguard Protection.

This Nude mod was tested with the updated SilkroadOnlinevGlobalOfficial_v1.02.exe
Installer to Version 1.092 and 1.093 and works well with their GameGuard Protection.

This Version was tested with the taiwan SilkroadOnlineTaiwanOfficial_v1.076.exe
Installer, updated to version 1.093 and works also with Gameguard.


Please backup the Data.pk2 in the Install Directory, if the patch do not work.

Installation of  Silkroad online nude mod:

NOTE: You need MS Dotnet 2.0 for this Patch.

– Extract all Files from this Archiv to a temp Folder.

– Doubleclick the FileReplacer.exe.

– In “Verzeichnis zur PFA-Datei” click on the Button and choose the
silkroadnude_***.pfa from your temp Folder.

For the Installer SilkroadOnlinevGlobalOfficial_v1.01.exe use ONLY the
silkroadnude_101.pfa !!!

For the Installer SilkroadOnlinevGlobalOfficial_v1.02.exe use ONLY the
silkroadnude_102.pfa !!!

For the Installer SilkroadOnlineTaiwanOfficial_v1.076.exe use ONLY the
silkroadnude_tw.pfa !!!

– In “Verzeichnis zum Archiv” click on the Button and choose the Data.pk2, which is
located in your Installation Folder from Silkroad Online.

– Click on “Modifizieren” to finish the Patch.

– Close the File Replacer and start your Game …

– Thatґs all.

Have Fun.
Deinstall the Nude mod:

Just copy the hopefully backupped Data.pk2 back to the Silkroad Online Installation
Folder and override the old one.

F: This is unbelievably. How did you managed this ?
A: I done this patch not alone. this was a Teamwork of 4 cool Guys.

F: The Game crashes everytime, I started the Silkroad.exe …
A: Did you install the right Patch ? Please read the Installation Instructions
carefully …
Greetings :

To Acid : For the Help with the Offset Chaos…
To Domochevsky : for the Anti Armor Patch.
To Xennex : For the File Replacer.

Best regards and respect to the three modders.

Silkroad Online Nude Mod V4
Silkroad Online Nude Mod V4
2.4 MB
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