Fiesta Online Naked Females

Here’s a mod that makes most of the females topless in Fiesta Online. Tested on beta version. Credits: Spreaker.

Fiesta Online
Fiesta Online
Fiesta Online

How to Install Fiesta Online Naked Females:

  1. Make backup of the “reschar” folder in your game’s directory.
  2. Place “Archer-f”, “Cleric-f”, “Fighter-f” and “Mage-f” folders into the “reschar” folder of the game. Overwrite the existing files.
  3. Enjoy!
Fiesta Nude Patch
Fiesta Nude Patch
Version: 1.0
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11 thoughts on “Fiesta Online Naked Females”

  1. dude you needa edit it the typing is bad you’ve confused the whoile world with “resctel” its resctrl, i tryed putting it in and it didn’t even work!!!

  2. The idea is interesting, but in the cleric does not work. Also missing pants and other armor. This patch is not yet complete.

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