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This is, as the name implies, a beta version of a Nude patches for Fiesta. Most of the girls should be changed with it.

*** Screenshots and comments to the race or (even better) into the forum.

Nude patch for Fiesta Online Beta

Hello, people With this patch, the Nude Girls in fiesta will be something hard.

Not all, however, is only a beta and yes it depends on how he arrives.

Make a backup of the folder “reschar” in the main folder of Fiesta Online

then  replace files in folders

  • \reschar\Archer-f\
  • \reschar\Cleric-f\
  • \reschar\Fighter-f\
  • \reschar\Mage-f\

Files from Fiesta nude patch archive, simply having unpacked it in the  “reschar” folder of game

Have fun and I hope for a guts Feedback

Credits: Spreaker

Fiesta Nude Patch
Fiesta Nude Patch
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  • Brian

    dude you needa edit it the typing is bad you’ve confused the whoile world with “resctel” its resctrl, i tryed putting it in and it didn’t even work!!!

  • Modder

    The instruction to nude patch is updated. Thanks for a response.

  • jesper

    i cant get it working plz help me

  • jesper

    i need some help. I cant get it working please help me. My email: [email protected]

  • Selena

    Can you put it in a different download format, my computer will not download it

  • gamer

    Ok Fiesta nude patch repacked and reuploaded

  • neoeclipse

    The idea is interesting, but in the cleric does not work. Also missing pants and other armor. This patch is not yet complete.

  • Wolfie

    Very interesting… Keep working on it 😉

  • pinoysniper007

    Does this work on all kinds of servers? If not Please make a updated patch for the philippine version/server of fiesta online. Thanks

  • yukio ouma

    yeah i need help the mod isnt working email me at [email protected]

  • DoomBerry

    More ;-; I want more, for the men too, don’t want it to be one sided o-o

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