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Hellgate London nude mod

A first topless naked patch for Hellgate London.


Hellgate London Nude patch v.001 by Ize


I have no idea what might happen(account suspension etc.?)
So…you have been warned…

Basic Hellgate London nude patch info:

At the moment this is a topless only Hellgate nude patch…if you want more,
wait or do it yourself ;D

I tested both DX9 and DX10 Versions of the Game on Windows Vista Ultimate
with the latest Patch for the game(01)

I’ve tried to automate most stuff so you just have to click the batch file and
you’re pretty much done.

I even included an uninstaller(DeNude.bat)…that’s how awesome i am… 😛

Install Hellgate London nude mod Instructions:

Copy the two included batchfiles, the “unhell.exe” and the “tex” folder into your:
hellgate london\data folder for example:

C:\Program Files\Flagship Studios\Hellgate London\Data

run Nude.bat and follow the instructions

# Credits: #
Normally i don’t include this section but since someone figured out the encryption
on the files and even wrote an unpacker for Hellgate London nude mod (without it, this patch wouldn’t be
possible) i thought it’s just fair to add it ;D

thats it 😛

Rest done by me…repainted textures, tweaked normal maps etc.

The hardest part was editing the dx10 normalmap cause the piece of shit dds tool
from ati(fuck you!) couldn’t export successfully and only created 0 byte files…

damn… i know why i buy nvidia cards since years 😉
P.S. if you recycle and of this crap give credit!

Hellgate London Nude Mod
Hellgate London Nude Mod
2.7 MB
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