Topless kotor 2 naked patch

The name says, a few of the companions are thus freed up rum.



About kotor 2 naked patch

Some topless skins for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords.
Changes Mira clothes, and the Dancer outfit for Main Character, Mira, and Handmaiden.
Also there is a line for Visas to wear the dancer outfit as well, but you will need to edit the apearance.2da file,
via Kotor Tool.  I am not responsible for any changes to your game by doing this. Use at own risk.

Just drop TGA files into your OVERRIDE folder in your game directory.
“g_danceroutfit”  is just a file that removes restriction on who can wear dancers outfit.  If you change
Visas 2da file only.  If you do not change that file you do not need the g_danceroutfit file.


Topless Kotor 2 Naked Patch
Topless Kotor 2 Naked Patch
3.3 MB

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