KotOR 2 Asian Female Sheer Undies

Very simply, this is a new set of undies for the Asian female characters. This mod has a sheer pink material for the torso and slimmer bikini bottoms than most undie KOTOR nude mods. It also has a reflective metal texture on the necklace/choker and the shin guards. Credits: MdKnightR.

How to Install KotOR 2 Asian Female Sheer Undies:

Simply drop the pfbama01.tga in your override directory. To take full advantage of the reflective metal texture, you must edit the appearance.2da file (preferably with Fred Tetra’s Kotor Tool). The only change that will need to be made is to the “envmap” column. Place “CM_Baremetal” without quotations in this column for all female asian characters (example…”P_FEM_A_SML_04,” “P_FEM_A_MED_04,” and “P_FEM_A_LRG_04”) entries.

Sheer Kotor Nude Mod
Sheer Kotor Nude Mod
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