Swim suit and Leather Harness patch

This is the next version of the micro bikinis swimsuits with more and some leather armor in that nude mod for Fallout 3.

Requires: TYPE 3 Body and BREEZES FO3 male body replacer 1.3.


Fallout 3 Nude MOD INFO

Mod Name……..: Micro Bikini & More for Type3 – Recolour Pack
Version………….: 1.3
Author…………..: Backsteppo / TKone

24. May: New merged esp uploaded. Don’t activate it near Dukov’s home and remember to deactivate the 3 single esp’s. This makes you lose the outfits so you have to go to Dukov again to get them back.
24. May: New pack uploaded with several colour variations of Backsteppos C Swimsuit & Leather Harness. Male version included, but not tested properly. It should work though.
26. April: Uploaded an esp which can be used for both packages. Micro Bikini & Thong. Don’t activate it near Dukov’s home and remember to deactivate the 2 single esp’s. This makes you lose the outfits so you have to go to Dukov again to get them back.
24. April: Thong pack released with some new ideas. Included the fixed esp in the Micro Bikini package.
19. April: Uploaded a fixed esp. Please download it if you don’t want the bikinis in almost every metal box in FO3 😉
19. April: Initial release


Micro Bikini recolour pack:
This mod adds about 21 different revealing versions and recolours of Backsteppos Micro Bikini to FO3. They are non replacing and have their own ID.
The ground mesh is from Kendo2. Full credits to them for letting me use their work.
The original Micro Bikini can be found here:

The Bikinis weight nothing but you also have no protection. Only the two camo versions give you a bit more protection even if that is very unrealistic 😉

Micro Thong colour pack (topless):
It’s like the Micro Bikini just without the top and some new effect called “Topless”. +Charisma, +2 Agility, +Luck, -Damage resistance, -Radiation resistance.
YOu can find it in another Metal Box in Dukovs bedroom. 20 thongs.

C Swimsuit:
Several colors of the C Swimsuit. Including a silk variation with a slight see-through effect and a hotter version with less fabric. Camo has about 20 damage resistance. The rest almost nothing.
Attention: With this outfit the breasts are slightly bigger then the standard Type3 breasts. Therefore I included a nude only version, too.

Install Fallout 3 Nude patch:

Extract the archives with an actual version of 7zip in your Fallout 3 data folder and activate the esp.

Delete the relevant meshes, textures and esp.


DIMINIZED TYPE3 female body replacer WIP

BREEZES FO3 male body replacer 1.3 (If you want to use it on males)

Note: Male version not working with Breeze FO3 Male 1.6+ for now. If you only use it for females this shouldn’t bother you.


A metal box in Dukov’s bedroom right below the box where Backsteppo’s original version is placed and the thongs are placed on the other side of the bed.
The C Swimsuit & Leather harness can be found in a locker near Dukovs bedroom next to the metal boxes.

:: TO DO ::

As soon as Backsteppo updates his mesh for Breezes Males 1.6+ I try to update this pack as well.
New variations of Backsteppos Sheryl Outfit.

Please rate & comment.


Backsteppo for his original work
Kendo2 for his Ground Mesh
Dimon99 and Breeze 582000 for their great body replacers
Bethesda for FO3 and their modding support with the G.E.C.K.
All other modders out there. Keep the mods coming.

Download Swim suit and Leather Harness patch and enjoy!

Swim Suit And Leather Harness Patch
Swim Suit And Leather Harness Patch
5.1 MB

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