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Fallout 3 Female Mysterious Stranger

The main focus of this mod is to change the male mysterious stranger to a female mysterious stranger in Fallout 3. You can choose between some sexy clothing variations. It changes to some textures and meshes and rearranged them. You can also find the clothes in Burkes home in Megaton. Some of them have more damage resistance then they should but I thought it would be nice to look good and have a slight chance to survive. Credits: TKone.

Fallout 3

What’s Included:

For all the Megaton blowers out there here are the item codes:
“xx”=load position of the mod.

  • xx000EA6 (Trousers)
  • xx006BCD (Trousers without Boots)
  • xx006522 (Latex Bikini Top)
  • xx0043DE (Corset)
  • xx0043DF (Stockings)
  • xx006523 (Necklace)
  • xx006525 (Sandals)
  • xx0043E0 (Thong) Addon
  • xx0043E1 (Thong)
  • xx006524 (Alternative Top)
  • xx000EA7 (Bra)
  • xx00229F (Coat)
  • xx00154F (Collar)
  • xx00229E (Dress)

Optional clothes addon:

  • xx000EA8 (Micro Bikini Top)
  • xx000EAA (Scout Top)
  • xx000EAC (Shorts)
  • xx000EAD (Shorts without Boots)


All clothes which have “Slot x” in their name are Body Add-Ons.
All the body Add-Ons only fit to the TYPE3 BASE body. Other bodies might clip through the clothes or won’t look good. For lowerbody clothes (stockings, thong, trousers) also the CALI Body works. Other bodies are untested.
The pants, the normal version of the thong and the stockings change the body to BASE automatically.
I didn’t test what happens if a male character tries to wear the body addons. So better don’t try it. I don’t know what might happen.

The bra, scout top, shorts and the trousers are made of Deacons Scout Outfits. The Bra and the scout top is a body addon (slot2).

The coat is made of Dante’s Outfit by Falridorian and is also a body addon (slot 3). You can try to wear it over some other clothes but there is no guarantee that it might fit without clipping or looking bad.

The dress is made of the Exotic Dresses Mod by XunAmarox. I didn’t change anything in the look. Only the stats are different.

The Bikini top and the necklace is made of the Dark Temptress Outfit by Bronson. The bikini top is a Body Addon (slot2).

The Corset, Thong and the Stockings are made of Amys Armor converted by Bronson. Corset (slot2), Addon version of the thong (slot 1).

The alternative top and the sandals are made of Deacons Refugee Outfits. Top (slot2), sandals (slot3)

The Micro Bikini Top is made of the Backsteppo’s Micro Bikini. It is a body addon (slot2)

As you can see you have a lot of possibilities to combine the clothing. You can also try to use the textures with other clothes (e.g. thong with Dimons transparent China dress) but keep in mind that the BASE body is needed.


This mod is not compatible with any other mod that changes the Mysterious Stranger NPC or the Perk “Mysterious Stranger” or which changes the Locker in Burkes home.
It should work with the “Mysterious Stranger appears more often” Mod but I haven’t tested it. But the GECK shows that the settings of this mod aren’t touched by me.


DIMINIZED TYPE3 female body replacer WIP (see link below).

How to Install Fallout 3 Female Mysterious Stranger:

  • Make sure you have the DIMINIZED TYPE3 female body replacer WIP installed.
  • Download this mod. Extract the “meshes” and “textures” folders into your Fallout 3 “Data” folder. Choose ONLY 1 .esp! out of the “Choose your esp” folder and copy it in your “Data” folder.
  • Activate it in the Mod Manager or the F3 Launcher.
  • You can choose between some different variations for the Stranger:
    • Mysteriouswoman_scout.esp (Bra + Trousers + Collar + Three Dogs Sunglasses)
    • Mysteriouswoman_dress.esp (Dress + Collar + Three Dogs Sunglasses)
    • Mysteriouswoman_dressncoat.esp (Dress + Coat + Collar + Three Dogs Sunglasses)
    • Mysteriouswoman_topless.esp (Trousers + Collar + Three Dogs Sunglasses)
    • Mysteriouswoman_underwearncoat.esp (Coat + Bikini Top + Thong + Collar)
    • Mysteriouswoman_underwear.esp (Bikini Top + Thong + Collar + Necklace + Sandals)
    • Mysteriouswoman_corsetntrousers.esp (Corset + Trousers + Thong + Collar)
    • Mysteriouswoman_alternativetop.esp (Alternative top + Trousers + Thong + Collar)
    • Mysteriouswoman_sexytopless.esp (Sandals + Stockings + Thong + Necklace)
  • There are also OUTFIT ONLY ESP’s in english and german and there are some optional textures.
  • Just copy the chosen texture out of the folder and paste it in the “../data/textures/armor/tksuit/mysteriouswoman” folder and let it overwrite the other one. Make sure to backup the one you overwrite in case you want to switch back.
Stranger Nude Mods For Fallout 3
Stranger Nude Mods For Fallout 3
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