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Fallout 3 Female Detailed Nude Skins

All-in-One. The mod adds detailed nude textures to all the female characters of Fallout 3. Includes tattooed textures sets for raiders. There are hairy or shaven versions. Credits: dimon99.

Fallout 3
Hairy & Shaven Options.
Fallout 3
Detailed Body Textures.
Fallout 3
Complete tattooed textures sets. Prepackaged for Female Raiders.

Fallout 3 TYPE3 body:

V3.5 by dimon99.

Incudes all released TYPE3 body variants,suitable as overall female body replacers. Instal this first,then install either TYPE3V1TEXTURES or
TYPE3V2TEXTURES for everything to work properly.


1. FOMM:
2. Archive Invalidation Invalidated:


  • Unzip/unrar to any location.
  • Open either folder.
  • Copy contents (folder named meshes) into your “Data” folder.
  • Allow for overwrite.

NOTE: TYPE3 BASE body was retired as obsolete. TYPE3 BASE HD took it’s place as better in any sense.

Fallout 3 Nude Texture:

This package contains all files related to V2 textures for TYPE3 body. Both required and options.

What do you NEED:  TYPE3 V2 TEXTURES. Open that folder, read instructions inside and install it. This will install both body and hand textures, designed for use with TYPE3 body models.

Options&Customization Fallout 3 nude patch:

ONLY after you did install TYPE3 V2 TEXTURES you can try put options. NONE of them is a requirement.

Available options include:

FACE textures for V2 – Two face texture variants , color matched to V2 textures for less body/head color mismatch.

STYLES  for V2 TEXTURE – 7 variants of pubic hair – from completely shaved to full untrimmed “bush”

HiQ normal map for V2 – Uncompressed normal (bump) map for V2 textures. Best quality, but if your computer is not very good, ight hit your FPS rate ingame.

Installation instructions for every option of Fallout 3 nude mod are inside of each corresponding folder. Do it one step at the time, read instruction first, then install. As there a LOT of options-there are a LOT of files. If it’s all too hard for you- don’t use them, they aren’t required.

Naked Raider Body Textures:

Credits: dimon99.

Complete tattooed textures sets. Prepackaged for RAIDER FEMALES. Everything is included- face,body and hands textures.

If you want,for any reason, to use these for regular females – simply open either option until there’s no more folders to open, copy all contents (gonna be 13 files) and paste them into “Fallout 3\Data\textures\characters\female”.

That’s all.

Raider females using textures from: “Fallout 3\Data\textures\characters\raiderfemale”.

“Regular” females using textures from: “Fallout 3\Data\textures\characters\female”.

Based on exellent resource “Tribal tattoos for HGEC” kindly provided by LazyMonk, and V1 texture it is simple,good looking and still very compatible with everything.

Another tattoo/body paint variant, seems like I never gonna finish it-there’s no tattoos on legs, so here it is “AS IS”. It pretty much rocks the way it is anyway.


1.Unzip/unrar to any location.
2.Choose either option,open that folder,Copy contents (folder named textures) into your “Data” folder.
3.Allow for overwrite.

Fallout Naked Mod
Fallout Naked Mod
19.4 MB
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7 thoughts on “Fallout 3 Female Detailed Nude Skins”

  1. for instalation just read the nitepad file there are info on how to install it .. or just copii the files in the folder whare the game is instaled , in \Fallout 3\Data\textures\characters\raiderfemale for other raice or in the folder \Fallout 3\Data\textures\characters\female for normal female

  2. There should be instructions on how to do exactly what is in the picture. I did everything as it should be theoretically. And it came out crappy. As if it was some amateur mod.

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