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Clothing strip to improve the Jedi agility. It is my favorite Kotor 2 nude patch. Ingenious.



Presenting, Jedi Nudes traps!  These straps enhance the body agility by stimulating certain body pressure points; thus, increasing the physical response of the Jedi.  Furthermore, the bare nature of the straps eliminates the restriction of the slightest body movement from clothings and interference of the body senses.  No more robes constricting the full potential of the Jedi.  Embrace the nudes traps!

To Play kotor 2 nude skins:

1) put the overrid folder in your game directory.
2) select a female caucasian – the other 2 races aren’t retextured.
3) bonus: Mira revealing blouse and Visas naked


Kotor 2 Nude Skins
Kotor 2 Nude Skins
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