Guild Wars nude mod Xandra

A Nude patch for the Guild Wars heroine in her Xandra Brotherhood armor.

Note: Guild Wars nude mod requires TexMod (Not included in the archive).



Nude patch for Guild Wars heroine Xandra

The mod: TexMod
The skins  for Xandra (Central Transfer Chamber)

Simply load one of the two TexMod *. tpf.

This mod was created by Skar

Guild Wars Nude Mod Xandra
Guild Wars Nude Mod Xandra
666.6 KB

1 thought on “Guild Wars nude mod Xandra”

  1. Can you make a nude patch of the regular Xandra please? I’d be your best friend if you did 😀

    Would it still worked if I used my EL Xandra tonic? I really want her regular, starter armor patched :)))

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