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Removes the bra of the Ritualistin and adds a small tattoo.

Note: This version has been updated to remain compatible with GW.


Here’s how:

1st TexMod light.
2nd “Target Application” is the exe of the game.
3rd In the “Package Mode” to Set the desired tpf download.
4th Character must have pulled that. Weapon does not matter, invisible, or helmet off.
5th Press run, have fun!

– Vergil

Guild Wars Ritualistin Topless
Guild Wars Ritualistin Topless
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  • Moonwalker

    I don’t get it, but its not working at all.

    I did exactly what the readme file said and the nude patch doesn’t work. When i go into logging mode, i can select through the textures, and amongst them is the nude one. What am i doing wrong?

  • Moonwalker

    Oh it does work, after having changed environments.

  • Shadow

    cant get it to work also…

  • Rubie

    Hey hi =)
    i cant get this to work =(
    could you tell me what im doing wrong
    do u have any mail i can contact you so i get some info direct from you =)

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