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Witcher 3 Nude Ciri

Seems like naughty Ciri likes to be naked in the Witcher 3. Her body is as gorgeous as her tattoos. With this nude mod her shoulders, breasts, neck and butt are tattooed. Now on the Ciri’s body, besides sexy tattoos there is also a detailed vagina. Credits: Taeyeanez (the mod’s author) and mastereditor (using vagina’s textures).



This mod may conflict with other mods that modify the model skin-textures of Ciri.

To avoid conflict:

  • Before installing this mod I recommend you check if you don’t have any other mods which change Ciri’s body texture. The files the patch’s author edited called:
    (body_03__wa_ciri_d01.xbm, h_01_wa__ciri_d01.xbm, h_01_wa__ciri_d02.xbm, h_01_wa__ciri_d03.xbm, h_01_wa__ciri_d04.xbm).
  • Remove all other mods that modify the same files of Ciri’s body texture before installing this one.

How to install

Unzip the mod’s archive and put modCiriTattoosNaughtyVaginaVersion folder to your Witcher “mods” folder.

The Witcher 3 Ciri nude mod
The Witcher 3 Ciri nude mod
Version: v1.1
9.7 MB
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1 thought on “Witcher 3 Nude Ciri”

  1. Olá, não consigo usar o mod, tento direto pelo programa colocando o arquivo na pasta e não funciona, tambem tentei usar o vortex mod, mas não foi, alguma sujestão ou algo do tipo?

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