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The Witcher 3 Mixed Erotic Paintings

This is an erotic collection of hardcore paintings with mixed girls for the Witcher 3. The “Blood and Wine ” DLC is required. Now you can complement your Villa with the hottest high resolution artworks. Credits: DeathmaidenRye.

This sample mod image is blurred. Actual images in game are not.



  • modHardCoreMix folder
    This is a set of mixed girls to stimulate your wild imagination. These luscious paintings are optimized to be visible even in dark areas.
    Credits goes to DeathmaidenRye (mod’s author) and Pewposterous.,Crossman25, Niodreth and all images used in this mod are properties of their respective owners.
  • modToussaintBrighterInteriors folder
    This mod brightens the overly dark interiors in Toussaint. This is NOT a reshade. Should be compatible with any env lighting mod as long as it doesn’t modify the bob.w2w level file.
    Credits: CertainlyStenchy.



  • Make sure you have “Blood and Wine ” DLC for the Witcher 3.
  • Extract the “The-Witcher-3-mixed-paintings-mod.7z” with 7Zip archiver or another similar program anywhere you can find easily.
  • Place the “modHardCoreMix” and “modToussaintBrighterInteriors” folders into ‘The Witcher 3/mods
  • Launch the game and have fun!


Use the console command to change to the desired painting:

  1. starry night-  additem(“q603_auctioned_painting”)
  2. battle of anghiari 1216-  additem(“mq7024_painting_battlefield”)
  3. ciri child- additem(“mq7024_painting_ciri_portrait”)
  4. Beauclair palace- additem(“mq7024_palace_painting”)
  5. conception of edward- additem(“mq7024_mandragora_painting_02”)
  6. van rogh self portrait- additem(“mq7024_gen_painting_portrait_a”)
  7. garivaldi hagan- additem(“mq7024_gen_painting_portrait_b”)
  8. auburn maiden on a field of rock- additem(“mq7024_gen_painting_portrait_c”)
  9. aretuza tower sundown -additem(“mq7024_gen_painting_landscape_a”)
  10. ruins of old  fort- additem(“mq7024_gen_painting_landscape_b”)
  11. harvest time white orchard- additem(“mq7024_gen_painting_landscape_c”)
  12. still life JD varvari- additem(“mq7024_painting_stilllife”)

YOU WILL NEED THE Witcher 3 Debug Console Enabler in accordance with your W3 version to spawn the paintings.

There are only 3 paintings (so far) are left unmodded such as:

  1. Paintings of Heirarch Hemmelfart
  2. The White Wolf by Count Beledal
  3. Knight Returning From His Quest

Mixed paintings mod
Mixed paintings mod
Version: 1.0
25.9 MB
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