Avatar of Lyssa nude skin

One of the patches from the Texture Collaborative Project. Details in the forum.

Note: This Avatar of Lyssa nude skin requires TexMod (Not included in the archive).



Hey Guys,

this is a Nude skin for the Elementalist (Luxon) in Guild Wars.


1st TexMod there, here’s
2nd Female Ele, hair, face, hair color and skin color mьssen just be
as in the picture (In the rar contain) are shown.
3rd Character, the Luxon have attracted.
Weapon does not matter, invisible, or helmet off.
4th The must be  red.

Here’s how:

1st TexMod light.
2nd “Target Application” Guild Wars is exe.
3rd In the “Package Mode” the file “Beautiful Geordina.tpf” download.
4th Run game.
5th Enjoy have.
If it does not immediately work out, then just leave the area and other times
load, then bring the modified skins are loaded.

– By Vergil

Avatar Of Lyssa Nude Skin
Avatar Of Lyssa Nude Skin
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