Rayne Tanga mod

BR New Skin in the Rayner is a Sexy Tanga.
The readme is definitely worth a look!


Install Rayne thong nude mod

Bloodrayne with Tange version Beta4

Author: CopyCat
Date: 29/07/03

To install:
Bloodrayne archive into the directory to unpack and ready.
Important! All files reload.
Alternatively, you can also edit the PCPOD.ini: file This in line 1 the number by one and one line below file Tanga.pod.

To uninstall:
Who wants to make something like stupid??
Who is stupid enough 😉 everything as installing repetition, only just the opposite.
Who is too stupid: copy Tanga.pod. And edit PCPOD.ini (number-1 and tanga.pod line skins)

For Skin:
Yes I have, the skin is not particularly good. Was created in 15 working hours. Actually, just as a test. Is my first 1.Skin for Bloodrayne.

New Skin! Agent Rayne now “tighter” Clothing.
Bump-and-Gloss Map!

Not to Execute:
Complete the copying. Clothing is completely replaced.
But probably in an extra skin. Thus Beta4 is probably Final1.

Who makes ideas has or just want to make only one comment on the best on the board of this site. Such as: “Do they still completely naked!” are not here. From me there will not be completely naked skins. already. Mach also like other skins also for other games.

The skin was made by me and is therefore my property, my dear …
Ok not all of me. the skin is based on the Original skin. Nevertheless, one can not further process my skin, or manipulated in any way. The skin is the administrator may nude patch.net available for download. And if only there. Who in his or some other offers to download against the copyright rules and extends not only to me but to my anger and all of Zeus flashed to ashes.

Version History:

clothing parts were removed.

Remaining parts were clothes easily. (Tanga is back now no longer as wide, Rьcken is now free)

Beta 3:
Bump-mapping was reload

(For know not all of what that is: more plastic  such as Leather stitching or navel, etc)

Gloss Mapping was remaping
(For know not all of what it is: Gloss Effects on the Skin)
Make-Up has been modified.
Eyes are now red.
-First version, diagrams

Rayne Tanga Mod
Rayne Tanga Mod
985.5 KB

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