Plastic Underwear Rayne Nudity hack

The patch is Rayne in a transparent plastic-looking underwear Rayne Nudity hack.


Rayne Plastic Nudity hack v1.0

I tried to create an impression that Rayne is wearing a high gloss see through plastic underwear.
At certain angles the underwear will reflect light when it is shine upon.
I have also added a bar code onto Rayne’s back which I intended it to be visible and at times not. You will see it when light shines onto it.
I have also removed her blade hand guard and replaced it with a leather covering.
The plastic underwear project is layered over my full nude skin of the gown outfit.
Hope you all like it. Enjoy!

Instructions Rayne Nudity hack (If you have not done so for the following…pls do it)

1. Go into Blood Rayne 2 Full installation folder and rename these 2 files :

w32ensnd.pod to language.pod

language.pod to w32ensnd.pod

2. Copy W32ENSND.POD into a backup folder.

3. Extract the included W32ENSND.POD into BR2 folder and overwrite the original.

Plastic Underwear Nudity Hack
Plastic Underwear Nudity Hack
664.9 KB

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