Nude bloodrayne Black Perl

Full Nude patch for bloodrayne, you can further optical elements on the
Screen view. To install the patch correctly is imperative to read the readme!


Nude bloodrayne Black Perl v1.0

Black Pearl was a recolor on my transporter skin. How do you like rayne in black.
How you like it. enjoy!

Instructions (If you have not done so for the following…pls do it)

1. Go into BR2 Full installation folder and rename these 2 files :

w32ensnd.pod to language.pod

language.pod to w32ensnd.pod

2. Copy W32ENSND.POD into a backup folder.

3. Extract the included W32ENSND.POD into BR2 folder and overwrite the original.

Fair Usage

For skinners- Do not edit on this skin unless permission given by me. Drop me a note at the download section of nude
I’d appreciate that you ask first.

Updates and new skins Nude bloodrayne Black Perl

Any update/new skins will be posted first at
If you like this skin, please comment at the download section 🙂

skin by simplesim 😛

Nude Bloodrayne Black Perl
Nude Bloodrayne Black Perl
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