Naked Blood Rayne Silver

A bikini in silver. Once the game with the renaming of files.
Thanks to SimpleSim for the patch Naked Blood Rayne.

silver rayne mod


Naked Blood Rayne: v1.0 (clean)

A break through in the nude skin mod for Rayne. Now she can reveal more of her body.
But I left the silver platings on.
Naughty naughty naughty…….I know what you are thinking now.

This version contains 2 skins naked Blood Rayne. One being Rayne wounded and blood stained. The other is a clean skin.

Instructions (If you have not done so for the following…pls do it)

1. Go into Bloode Rayne2 Full installation folder and rename these 2 files :

w32ensnd.pod to language.pod

language.pod to w32ensnd.pod

2. Copy W32ENSND.POD into a backup folder.

3. Extract the included W32ENSND.POD into BR2 folder and overwrite the original.

Enjoy Naked Blood Rayne gaming!

Naked Blood Rayne Silver
Naked Blood Rayne Silver
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