Nude bloodrayne

A first full Nude patch for Rayne,
created thanks to Denadin of this Nude bloodrayne skins.



Explicit Nude bloodrayne (Standard outfit) v1.0

What everyone has been clamoring for – the naughty version of the standard leather outfit nude bloodrayne wears from Act onwards!

Instructions Nude bloodrayne

1. Go into BloodRayne 2 Full installation folder and rename these 2 files :

w32ensnd.pod to language.pod

language.pod to w32ensnd.pod

2. Copy w32ensd.pod into a backup folder.

3. Extract the included w32ensd.pod into BR2 folder and overwrite the original.

Fair Usage Nude bloodrayne

For skinners- if you use a significant portion of the work I did, please credit me.

Nude Bloodrayne
Nude Bloodrayne
1.1 MB

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