Nude bloodrayne 2 Standard

A Nude patch for Raynes standard outfit.


Nude Skin by Denadin  9/2005

BloodRayne 2 full retail game. (Cannot be play on BR2 Demo!!!)

Full Nude Rayne (base skin for editing) Standard Model Outfit

I am offering this patch along with my work and the original Rayne.bmp
image files. Unlike the first BloodRayne where the nude skin looks verygood, the BR2 nude still shows slight outlines of where the her outfit once was. Still this nude skin could be used to create some sexy outfits,which is what I’m working on now.

Installation Nude bloodrayne 2 Standard

Unzip the BR2 Nude Black and you will find a W32ENSND.POD file.
Which you will place in the BloodRayne 2 game directory
where you can see the other POD files and rayne2.exe

Before you do anything, go to the BloodRayne 2 demo game directory
and copy two files as a backup; LANGUAGE.POD AND W32ENSND.POD in a
separate folder. To restore the game to its original you can install
these files back.
Next you will need to rename these 2 files:

w32ensnd.pod > language.pod

language.pod > w32ensnd.pod
You can do this by right clicking the mouse on the file and select
“Rename”. Then type in the new changes.

When the 2 file changes are done install the “Nude”
W32ENSND.POD file in the BloodRayne 2 Demo’s game directory.
It will overwrite the w32ensnd.pod file there.

Nude BloodRayne is install and you can start the game. Enjoy!

Thanks to the guys (BloOd and Woc) at the former BR Massacre site.
For more information of the making of this nude patch, browse around
their BR 2 skinning Forums at the new website;  nude patch

I use the BloodRayne Skinning tool v.1 (brskinning-tool.rar) to extract
and pack the game’s Pod files and BloodHammer TexConvTools to convert
the Bmp and Tex image files. I edit the Rayne.bmp files using Adobe
Photoshop to create the nude patch.

Sorry, you must be over 18 years to visit as it is an “Adults Only” site.

This nude patch can be distributed freely as long as it is
unaltered, in its original form and credited to Denadin.

Nude Patch for hosting this patch.

Go to for a great collection of skins and tips on modding your favorite female gaming character.

Nude Bloodrayne 2 Standard
Nude Bloodrayne 2 Standard
1.4 MB

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