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BloodRayne 2 Standard Nude Skins

The mod replaces the Rayne’s standard outfit with a nude version. Credits: Denadin.

  • Before you do anything, go to the BloodRayne 2 demo game directory and copy two files as a backup; LANGUAGE.POD AND W32ENSND.POD in a separate folder. To restore the game to its original you can install these files back.
  • Unzip the BR2 Nude Black and you will find a W32ENSND.POD file. Place it into the BloodRayne 2 game directory where you can see the other POD files and rayne2.exe.
  • Next you will need to rename these 2 files: w32ensnd.pod > language.pod and language.pod > w32ensnd.pod
    You can do this by right clicking the mouse on the file and select “Rename”. Then type in the new changes.
  • When the 2 file changes are done install the “Nude” W32ENSND.POD file in the BloodRayne 2 Demo’s game directory. It will overwrite the w32ensnd.pod file there.
  • Done! Have fun!

Nude Bloodrayne 2 Standard
Nude Bloodrayne 2 Standard
1.4 MB
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