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Perfect world nude patch

A Nude patch for all female player characters. Instead of the lingerie they wear nothing than underwear.

Perfect World Nude Patch

Perfect World Nude Patch2




v 1.0



Also credits for TCoops, for idea about mesh swapping.

DESCRIPTION Perfect world nude patch:

This Perfect world nude patch contains nude reskins for all female player characters, instead of chinese lingerie/pyjamas in fashion mode. Unfortunately (or not :>) it`s also completely remove undergarment when character is swimming, jumping or flying and wearing particulary short skirt. ;]

Yep, no lingerie at all, unless you buy her bikini swimwear.

So you still can dress your toon in every fashion – or undress her completely, as you wish.

This Perfect world nude mod also includes pwpack – utility for packing/unpacking game files. Needed for mod installation.

INSTRUCTIONS Perfect world nude patch:

1) installing chinese language
2) unpacking and running pwpack
3) replacing files
4) packing files to new models.pck

1) installing chinese language———————————————————–

Due to chinese file and folder names it`s necessary to install asian languages on your PC. Otherwise, your machine won`t be able to ovewrite game files and install Perfect world nude patch in proper way.

If you haven`t installed it before, go to Windows control panel, and open regional and language options.

Or, if you can`t find laguages in Windows control panel, open Start menu, and type cmd in “run” box. It will open DOS command line prompt.

In DOS command box type intl.cpl and it`s call up regional and language options.

In opened language options window go to “languages” tab and choose installation for east asian languages.

Click “OK”, try to trust your Windows (:>) and follow on screen instructions.


2) unpacking and running pwpack———————————————————–

Now go to Start menu and type cmd in Run box.

In DOS box you should find something like this:

Microsoft Windows XP [Ver 5.1.2600] (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername>

Unzip pwpack to this location ( for example C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername ), and put models.pck FROM THIS MODPACK (not original models.pck, not yet).

Open Windows DOS command box once again, and type:

pwpack -x models.pck

When it`s done, cut newly unpacked models.pck.files and paste it to any other location. Now you may delete models.pck file unzipped from modpack.

Go to your Perfect World directory, and copy stock models.pck
It`s in Perfect World/element folder. At this stage you may also backup original models.pck, just “in case”.

Paste it to directory with pwpack and unpack, just in same way as you dit it with file from modpack.
Wait until it`s done. This is big file, so it may take minutes.

3) replacing files

Now you have unpacked models from Perfect World nude patch, and you may replace them with nuded versions. Go to location with models.pck.files from modpack, copy this, and paste in location with models.pck.files created from oryginal models.pck.

When Windows ask you about overwriting files, pick “Yes to all”.


Basicaly, when installing Perfect world nude skins you simply overwrite ORIGINAL models.pck.files with NUDED models.pck.files (which contains only elements for female toons). Filenames and folders are same in both.

4) packing files to new models.pck

Once again open command DOS box, and type:

pwpack -c models.pck.files -z 1 models.pck

Wait until it`s done.

It will create final models.pck, and this file should be about 522 MB, slightly bigger, than original.

Put this file into Perfect World/element folder instead of stock file.


To unistall this mod simply replace edited models.pck with oryginal models.pck.

Perfect World Nude Patch
Perfect World Nude Patch
1.4 MB
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3 thoughts on “Perfect world nude patch”

  1. Hi

    I try this patch, I do everything correctly, but when creating the file models.pck (naked), I end up with a file smaller than the original (original: 1.40 GB or so, the nude: about 1.32 GB)

    I even replace the original as the nude, I launch PW, and it makes me a file pack is damaged. And so, does not work.

    What’s the problem?

  2. I have tried this mod,but it is out of date and it will no longer work on this PWI version. I think it is time for a update of this patch what is compatible with this PWI version. Please, do you want to update it?

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