Two Moon nude mod

With this the start of the Incar Mage armor, hunters and Segita Sengale be used.

Also the mobs Echidna, Echidna Queen Succubus Queen and are thus affected.

fantasy sexy


2Moon’s Nude Mod

Nude textures for the:

Incar Magician (Starting Armor)
Segita Hunter  (Starting Armor)
Sengale  (Starting Armor)

As well as the following monster textures:
Echidna Queen
Succubus Queen

Note: This file IS NOT an exploit or hack, and WILL NOT effect the gameplay in anyway other then the above stated changes.
However making a backup of the data.hd file is required. The origanal copy is needed for the removel of this modifacation.


2moons Nude Mod
2moons Nude Mod
736.7 KB

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