Vampire nude stripper

This mod changes the Vampire nude stripper stripper No. 3 and the Lotus Blossom Girl.



Vampires: The Maskarade Bloodlines Nude Stripper

This patch changes the stripper # 3 and lotus blossom girl.

Just unzip and copy into the appropriate directory.

stripper 3: … \ Vampire \ materials \ models \ character \ npc \ common \ stripper \ stripper3
(I have the patch on it by Mac. Hope it works without the same.)

lotus blossom girl: … \ Vampire \ materials \ models \ character \ npc \ common \ lotusblossom_girl

No Models for model editing. included. Only the textures of the changesen Girls. If you own
want to play them their mьsst make it myself. again not so difficult isses.
Maybe mercy is also someone and, once the models.

Who can mess around with the skins  do so. If you forget it but not know who created them.

Well, since we’re at it. Thanks to Tron without whose work I have no output material remembereth
Turvy, and has developed the Bloodlines VPKTool.
so much so. Hope this works this way.

Vampire Nude Stripper
Vampire Nude Stripper
357.6 KB

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